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Outlanders!! The Screen Printing Factory Wants You Too!

John Franklin and Courtney Gains at HorrorHound Cincinnati 2009 If you were able to attend HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati this past November, then you might have noticed those awesome Children of the Corn shirts hanging behind the tables of Courtney Gains and John Franklin. And, if you were lucky, you might even have been able to snag yourself one of these popular pieces of Children of the Corn collectible apparel. If you were asking yourself all weekend, "Who did those cool shirts?", well the person behind those outstanding COTC designs was artist and illustrator Ben Harley, owner and operator of The Screen Printing Factory.

John Franklin, Ben Harley and Courtney Gains at HorrorHound Cincinnati 2009 After many years as a screen printer, it was Ben's long interest in art and horror that led him to pursue a career following his passion for both. After majoring in illustration at the Columbus College of Art & Design, a career was needed that would allow him more freedom to give special care to his daughter. It was then in 2008 that he decided to open his own business and the Screen Printing Factory was born.

Screen Printing Factory table display at HorrorHound Cincinnati 2009Although you may have also noticed some of Ben's work on the website Horrorbid.com and at horror conventions around the Midwest, he also has done custom artwork and screen printing on clothing for various schools, teams, clubs and organizations in the Ohio area. For a look at some of these unique creations, you can view his great shirts and designs at his website www.screenprintingfactory.com, and on his Myspace pages at myspace.com/benharley29 and myspace.com/thescreenprintingfactory.

He Wants You Too!With Jaws, Halloween and The Howling being his favorite movies within the genre, it is evident with his shirts paying homage to such great iconic movie characters as Michael Myers and Jason Vorhees, that Ben's interest in horror films and his talented artistic illustrations have created a niche for himself in the cornfield of horror so-to-speak and his Children of the Corn series is no exception. Whether you are team Isaac, team Malachai, or find it hard to choose, both of these shirts have the outstanding color and quality to please any visitor to pass through the town of Gatlin! After seeing both of these first-hand, one thing is for sure Outlanders - You won't be disappointed! To order your own Children of the Corn wear or any other of his horror-themed items, you can click here, on one of the Isaac / Malachai design pics or shoot Ben an email at screenprintingfactory@yahoo.com.

OUTLANDER! To check out his other great designs, photo gallery and prices on creating custom screen printing of t-shirts, hoodies, sportswear and promotional items for all of your team, business or special event needs, go over and visit his official website at screenprintingfactory.com. Be sure to tell him ChildrenoftheCornMovie.com sent ya and let the Screen Printing Factory help - "Build Your Image!"

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It Was The Eighties! - Linda Hamilton Interview By Red Shirt Pictures Available Now On The Anchor Bay Children of the Corn BD!

One of Anchor Bay's most popular fan favorite releases this year was the announcement of the original Children of the Corn on BD! Included in this outstanding release were three brand new interviews with Donald Borchers, Jonathan Elias & Craig Stearns and the always popular Linda Hamilton. In charge of putting these together was a company called Red Shirt Pictures. The name may not sound familiar but if you are a fan of horror, you may have seen some of their other interviews on dvd's such as - The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Night of the Demons, The Monster Squad, Creepshow, Hellraiser 1 & 2 and Pumpkinhead. Run by Michael Felsher, Red Shirt Pictures produces audio commentaries, interview featurettes and documentaries for major studios and independent distributors. You can view their list of their dvd projects here or visit their website at www.redshirtpictures.com for more information on what they do. And as a treat, we have included a portion of the Linda Hamilton interview straight from the official Red Shirt Pictures YouTube channel for your enjoyment!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

More Photos From HorrorHound Weekend In Cincinnati

And the photos keep coming! It seems Susan had a great time as well at HorrorHound Weekend Cincinnati on November 20th-22nd meeting two of everyone's favorite Children of the Corn actors, John Franklin and Courtney Gains. And because she had so many awesome pics, we decided to use this post for her photos only! Full credit goes out to Susan for all pics shown and for allowing us to post them. Thanks Susan! If you have any pics from HorrorHound Weekend that you would like to see posted here send us an email at childrenofthecornmovie@yahoo.com and we would be as happy as an October day in Gatlin to post them for you!

Susan with John Franklin
Susan with John Franklin

Susan with John Franklin and Courtney Gains
Susan with John Franklin and Courtney Gains

John Franklin Signing Susan's DVD's
John Franklin Signing Susan's DVD's

Courtney Gains Signing Susan's Children of the Corn DVD
Courtney Gains Signing Susan's
Children of the Corn DVD

John Franklin Holding Susan's
John Franklin Holding Susan's
"He Wants You Too!" Shirt To Sign

John Franklin Signing Susan's Shirt
John Franklin Signing Susan's Shirt

Courtney Gains Talking With a Fan
Courtney Gains Talking With a Fan

John Franklin
John Franklin

John Franklin and Courtney Gains
John Franklin and Courtney Gains

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Americanvirus Picture Series - Dog Car Afternoon

Dog Car Afternoon

As the holidays are quickly coming into focus, so to speak, we continue the Americanvirus Picture Series this week with another photo from Jonas (Marlowe) Seaman (Joseph from the original Children of the Corn) called - Dog Car Afternoon. Through his lens, Jonas has captured some of the most unique and amazing images in the world of photography and it is our extreme pleasure to be able to bring you this exclusive series every month! If you want to see more of Jonas' creative work, check out his official website at Americanvirus.com and as always, you can also find more of his outstanding photography on his official page at Flickr. Happy Thanksgiving Americanvirus!

Monday, November 23, 2009

"HorrorHounds of the Corn" - More Fan Photos From HorrorHound Weekend 2009 in Cincinnati

Just received more fan photos from HorrorHound Weekend that took place this past Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A big "Thanks" goes out to Beth, Evan, Amanda and Shawn for sharing their pictures from the event posing with Courtney Gains and John Franklin! And don't forget, if you have any HorrorHound Weekend pictures that you would like to see here, send us an email at childrenofthecornmovie@yahoo.com and we will be glad to post them!

Beth with Courtney Gains
Beth with Courtney Gains

Beth with John Franklin
Beth with John Franklin

Evan Ganz with Courtney Gains
Evan Ganz with Courtney Gains

Amanda and Jimmy with Courtney Gains
Amanda and Jimmy with Courtney Gains

Amanda and Jimmy with John Franklin
Amanda and Jimmy with John Franklin

Shawn Campbell with John Franklin and Courtney Gains
Shawn Campbell with John Franklin
and Courtney Gains

Sunday, November 22, 2009

"HorrorHounds of the Corn" - Fan Photos From HorrorHound Weekend 2009 in Cincinnati

If you had the chance to go to HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati this weekend, then you were treated to a double dose from the corn! Courtney Gains AND John Franklin were both there in attendance for signing autographs, taking pictures and just talking with all of the Children of the Corn fans. One lucky fan had her picture taken not with one, but with both of everybody's Gatlin favorites! Thanks Melissa for sending these to us for posting! From what we have heard, everybody had a great time at the event and can't wait for the next one! If you have any HorrorHound Weekend pictures like Melissa's that you would like to have posted, shoot us an email at childrenofthecornmovie@yahoo.com and we will be glad to put them up! Thanks again Melissa!

Melissa and Courtney GainsMelissa and John FranklinMelissa with John Franklin and Courtney Gains

Friday, November 20, 2009

HorrorHound Weekend 2009 Cincinnati Is The Place To Be!

HorrorHound Weekend Cincinnati
Hey HorrorHounds! If you are attending HHW Cincinnati convention this weekend, then you are in the right place! With all of shows, booths and attendees appearing, HW has went to the utmost extremes to bring you, the horror fans, what you deserve! The Best!! And of course, two of your favorite Gatlin natives are there for the Children of the Corn 25th Anniversary! He Who Walks Behind The Rows has to be well pleased! If anyone would like to send their convention photos this weekend with Courtney Gains or John Franklin (or any of the guests for that matter) to us, we will post them as quick as we can! Just shoot us an email with the pics to - childrenofthecornmovie@yahoo.com or use the info@childrenofthecornmovie.com link on the side of the page! Have a great time at HHW horror fans, and remember - "It's All About The Original..."!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Horror's Hallowed Grounds Episode 1 Uncut Running On FearNet.com For A Limited Time

Horror's Hallowed GroundsIf you are a fan of John Carpenter's excellent film Halloween, or if you are just a horror fan in general, then this is something you don't want to miss! What if you could visit the filming locations of your favorite horror films from the past? Would it be Friday the 13th? Poltergeist? The Amityville Horror? And what if you could tell other horror fans about your experiences. Would you make the fans feel like they were there? Well, with Horror's Hallowed Grounds, series creator Sean Clark has done just that. Centering on famous horror genre films and the places that brought them to the screen, HHG revisits the areas and towns that made each one of these movies without a doubt, memorable in the eyes of moviegoers everywhere. While Horror's Hallowed Grounds is currently being published as an article in HorrorHound Magazine (click here for their website), one of them was made as a television episode featured on the Halloween - 25 Years of Terror dvd available from Anchor Bay Entertainment. Covering the original shooting locations for John Carpenter's Halloween, Sean brings US to the movie with his insightful interviews and information as he tracks down the places where Carpenter filmed his vision of what was to become one of the most popular horror-film franchises that continues to this day. And now, for a limited time, FearNet.com has recently posted a 7-minute, uncut streaming version of HHG's Halloween episode on their website that you can view here or by watching it below. Also, be sure to check out the official HHG website at www.horrorshallowedgrounds.com where you can find links to all of Sean's HHG articles and info on future ones as well. The HHG uncut video will be running until November 20th so be sure you let FearNet.com know what you think and let's get Horror's Hallowed Grounds picked up as a series!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Exclusive Jonathan Elias Interview by Soundtracks Examiner Mark Morton

If you are a fan of the original Children of the Corn, then I'm sure you remember the excellent soundtrack score composed by Jonatahn Elias. Through the years, Jonathan has paved his way in the world of music creating memorable themes and compositions to films such as Vamp, Pathfinder, and is responsible for some of the most recognizable jingles in entertainment history (Yahoo! yodle anyone?). Recently, our friend, Soundtrack Examiner Mark Morton, hosted an exclusive interview with Jonathan which you can read here or visit www.examiner.com/x-12873-Soundtracks-Examiner for Mark's full line of horror composer interviews and soundtrack reviews.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Just a Reminder - Come See John Franklin and Courtney Gains at Horrorhound Weekend

Hey Horror Fans - Just a reminder! On November 20th-22nd at the HorrorHound Weekend Convention in Cincinnati Ohio, two of your favorite Gatlin natives will be on hand signing autographs and taking pictures. That's right! John Franklin (Isaac) AND Courtney Gains (Malachai) will BOTH be in attendance this year for the 25th anniversary of the original 1984 classic, Stephen King's Children of the Corn. This year will be a very big event with other guests attending such as - Elvira, Tom Savini, Scout-Taylor Compton (Rob Zombie's Halloween 1&2), Gunnar Hansen ("Leatherface" The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Tom Atkins (The Fog, Halloween 3, Night of the Creeps), Quinn Lord (Trick 'r Treat's "Sam" in his 1st convention appearance) and many, many others! HorrorHound Weekend will also be hosting the much anticipated premiere of Sean Clark's "The Black Waters of Echo's Pond" (view the official website here) starring an amazing cast including - Danielle Harris, James Duval, Elise & Electra Avellan and Robert Patrick (keep checking horrorhoundweekend.com for details). Until then, below are a few website banners that you can place on your own websites or blogs advertising the event. Just copy the code and paste! And as you should for all events, don't forget to check with the venue or website for any last-minute schedule changes or guest cancellations before traveling or making traveling arrangements. Also, there is usually a charge for autographs and related items so keep this in mind when waiting in line to see your favorites!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

SyFy's Children of the Corn Outfits To Be Auctioned At GoreZone Film Festival 2009

The following is a press release from GoreZone Magazine announcing an upcoming event that will hold an auction for three of the wardrobe pieces worn by the stars of the Donald Borchers 2009 SyFy remake of Children of the Corn. This auction is not affiliated with ChildrenoftheCornMovie.com and be sure to read the GoreZone Magazine disclaimer at the bottom.

Children Of The Corn Outfits To Auction @ GZ Film Festival 2009

As if premiering the remake of Children Of The Corn at our upcoming 2 day film festival wasn’t big enough news, we have now been asked to auction off three pieces of attire that were worn in the film itself!

We are accepting bids for these exclusive pieces of film memorabilia from now up until Sunday November 1st where the auction will be closed at midnight, marking the end of our two day film festival.

The outfits are those worn in the 2009 remake of Children of the Corn by characters Burton Stanton (David Anders – Heroes), Vicki (Kandyse McClure – Battlestar Galactica) and also the tie worn by "Preacher Boy" (Robert Gerdisch) from the sermon at the beginning of the movie. The tie was also in the suitcase of Joseph a/k/a "Ahaz," who is run over by Burt's Thunderbird.

(Pictured Below)

If you would like to bid on these exclusive collector’s items, please send in your maximum bid stating which outfit you are bidding on along with your contact details to:

GoreZone Magazine (Auction)
PO Box 487

Alternatively you can come along to the film festival taking place at The Prince Charles Cinema in London off Leicester Square, October 31st and the 1st of November to hand in your sealed bid where the items will also be on display.

Items have been provided courtesy of Director of ‘Children Of The Corn’ 2009 Donald P. Borchers.

*Entry into the bidding process is legally binding; all bids are taken seriously and will be acted upon as such. Payment must be received within 7 days of confirmation of winning bid being received, if payment is not received within this time frame the winning buyer will forfeit their purchase and the runner up will then be announced as the new purchaser. Item(s) will not be dispatched until cleared funds have been received. No refunds upon purchase, items are collector’s items and are bought as seen – items will be displayed at the GoreZone Film Festival 2009 exclusive to GoreZone Magazine. Auction has been requested by a third party seller – GoreZone Magazine takes no responsibility for item, auction or activity thereafter that relates to the item or auction.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Coming Soon to ChildrenoftheCornMovie.com - "Return To Gatlin" 25 Years Later - The Video Series

It's hard to believe that one year ago, ChildrenoftheCornMovie.com posted it's first entry. As fans of our site may remember, our first posting talked of the cancelled trip (I hate potholes) back to the towns in Iowa that formed the now-famous fictional town of Gatlin Nebraska. Well, this year there were no potholes to ruin our trip and recently, we just returned from another exciting outing searching for locations that were used in the filming! As we roamed through the small towns, we coouldn't help but think "What would the fans like to see for the 25th anniversary?" So we came up with this idea. A video mini-series dedicated to each of the towns used in the filming! We will soon be starting to compile our video and photo footage together for this but thought we would post a preview video to give everyone a taste of what is in store. Over the past year we have met so many people and made lasting friendships because of our little venture and we can't thank everyone enough for their overwhelming and continued support. What better way to celebrate as ChildrenoftheCornMovie.com is one year old this week! "Happy Halloween Outlanders!"

Before "Stephen King's Children of the Corn" there was "Disciples of the Crow"

As "Stephen King's Children of the Corn" hit theaters and frightened moviegoers everywhere in 1984, many probably didn't realize that Burt and Vicky had taken this trip before! Released in 1983, "Disciples of the Crow" was a short, small budget student film directed by John Woodward and was to be one of the first so-called "Dollar Babies" that Mr. King allowed to be made of his short-stories by student filmmakers. Starring Gabriel Folse as "Burt" and Eleese Lester as "Vicky", the film centered around a boy named Billy and instead of Gatlin, Nebraska, the name of the town was changed to Jonah, Oklahoma. For those of you who have never seen it or don't remember it, here it is as we have included it here in both parts for your convenient viewing.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Read Mark Morton's Children of the Corn (2009) and 25th Anniversary Limited Edition CD Review

COTC 25th Anniversary EditionCOTC 2009 Version

Hot on the heels of Jonathan Elias' cd releases for his music to the SyFy Channel 2009 version and the new 25th anniversary (FINALLY!!!) limited edition cd of his original 1984 classic score, Soundtracks Examiner Mark Morton has released a great review on both in an article entitled - "Haunted Halloween Harmony: Children of the Corn soundtrack by Jonathan Elias". As part of his "Halloween Harmony" series, Mark discusses these two new releases, one of which fans have been clammoring to get their hands on for years! To read Mark's variety of soundtrack reviews, head over to www.examiner.com/x-12873-Soundtracks-Examiner or click here to go directly to his Children of the Corn article.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

SyFy Channel's Children of the Corn Uncut, Uncensored DVD Winners Picked

Hey everyone! Just wanted to send out a quick note to let everyone know that the winners have been picked and notified for the SyFy Channel Children of the Corn Uncut and Uncensored DVD Giveaway! We sure had a great response from Children of the Corn fans this time around. We will post the winners names as soon as we get a chance. Thanks to all who entered and stay tuned to ChildrenoftheCornMovie.com for more contests on the way!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

"You Have The Gift of Sight...."
The Drawings of Judeanne Winter Wiley

Judeanne Winter Wiley"It happened everywhere in Gatlin that day. That's when Sarah started drawing these pictures...."

If you are a fan of Children of the Corn, then you definitely remember this line as it gave light to the horror that was unfolding in the rural, midwest town of Gatlin, Nebraska. As the town's future was foretold by a child's artisitic hand, what many may not know is that the drawings were, in fact, not drawn by a "child" at all. In actuality, the creative task of creating Sarah's visions was given to illustrator Judeanne Winter Wiley. We recently caught up with Judeanne who took the time to talk with us about Stephen King, daytime drawing and surprising friends.

COTCM - Before we begin, we would like to thank you Judeanne for taking the time talking with us and the fans about your involvement and insights into the production and creation of the original, 1984 classic film, Children of the Corn. It is a pleasure and very much appreciated!

JWW - You are welcome.

COTCM - By 1984, Stephen King was becoming a household name as his novels and movie adaptations like The Shining, Christine, and Carrie were already very well received and known. When did you develop an interest in art illustrations and how did you first become familiar with a girl named Sarah, cornfields and a little town in Nebraska?

JWW - I have been drawing since I could hold a crayon. I became familiar with Sarah and the cornfields when I was asked to make Sarah's drawings.

COTCM - To make the audience believe these were the drawings of a little girl, they had to be simple yet they were crucial to the storytelling and had to be recognizable. How did you prepare yourself to draw with the child-like qualities that were required and was a certain look needed for them that the producer and director felt could not be accomplished by an actual child?

JWW - I did some drawing with my left hand to make it appear as if someone younger created them. Even at this age it is easy to remember how I felt about many things as a young girl. Sarah's drawings were my first job as an illustrator. I thought it was ironic that after years of art school, my first job was to draw like I did as a child.

COTCM - As three years pass for Job and Sarah, through her pictures we are able to witness what transpired after the cafe incident as Isaac took full control of the children of Gatlin. Were these scenes depicted in the actual script for you to work from or was it through verbal discussion with the director that these "unfilmed ideas" took shape?

JWW - I remember speaking with the film's Art Director more than anyone else about the look of Sarah's drawings.

COTCM - Early on, we see that Sarah has "The Gift of Sight" as her drawings predict the events that have unfolded in the town of Gatlin thus giving the audience their own sight into what came to be. Did you and AnneMarie McEvoy (Sarah) meet prior to filming and also, was the role of Sarah explained in detail to you since you were actually a part of the character too?

JWW - I have never met AnneMarie McEvoy but I did read the movie script and the part of Sarah was explained to me.

COTCM - Storyboard artists usually produce multiple art panels that give the movie makers a visual tool to work from and to see how each scene will work. Did you start with sketches first to give the director an idea of how your interpretations would look or was the first drafts basically what we see on film?

JWW - I met with the Art Director, he described his vision of what Sarah's art should be and then I got to work on the drawings.

COTCM - Throughout the production of a film, many people are needed in specific areas to bring together the overall final product that the audience will see on the screen. Being your first job as an illustrator, was it exciting to be working on something as big as a major motion picture?

JWW - It was very exciting. It's always fun to be on a movie set. I would go in and meet with the art director and the producer, but I did do the illustrations at home in my studio.

COTCM - The Hansen's Cafe Massacre drawing is absolutely stunning and depicts the grisly scene as nothing less than "An Adult Nightmare." During your initial meeting, was it made clear by the director whether they would be crayon-based or was it a decision that was left up to you entirely as an artist? Also, was the presence of full color discussed as being an absolute definite?

JWW - I believe they wanted crayon from the start. I knew it would be in color from the onset.

COTCM - From looking at the characters, we notice that two of them have the absence of color as they are drawn completely black. Was this a subtle way to show there was a connection between Isaac and He Who Walks Behind The Rows?

JWW - Yes, I was instructed to draw these characters in black because of Isaac's connection to He Who Walks Behind The Rows.

COTCM - The drawings, because of the necessary relationship and interaction with the character of Sarah, were essential to the story. Were you given an approximate allotted time frame to have them completed and what was the total number of drawings you were commissioned to do for the film?

JWW - There was a time frame for the completion of the art work because it had to be done before filming started.

I have absolutely no idea how many drawings I did.

COTCM - As actors have a stunt double to perform for them when calling for dangerous scenes, many key prop items that are essential to the movie storyline are sometimes duplicated in case of accidents. Was it required that you make an approximate second drawing to resemble the originals in case something happened to them?

JWW - I don't remember making duplicates but that doesn't mean I didn't.

COTCM - Since it's release in 1984, Stephen King's Children of the Corn has been released many times on vhs, laserdisc and dvd formats. What are your memories of the first time you saw it in a theater and what was it like seeing your drawings "super-sized", especially in the opening credit montage?

JWW - I enjoyed seeing my artwork "super-sized". It's always exciting to see your work produced and out in public for the rest of the world to see.

COTCM - In the movie, as Burt (Peter Horton) ventures through the deserted town, he stops inside the "Town Hall" building where he picks up a drawing of a fire-breathing dragon. Was this one of your original pieces and if it was, what was the idea and inspiration for it? Also, how did your drawing technique differ as compared to that for the Sarah drawings?

JWW - Yes. It was intended to depict the horror in the cornfield.

COTCM - Although the drawings have an innocent quality about them, the smiles on the children's faces send chills down your spine. That's what makes them so horrifying! Does the movie ever come up in conversation and what are people's reactions when they find out you gave Sarah her "Sight"?

JWW - It had been a long time since I mentioned Sarah's drawings to anyone. So, the other night at a party I did. My friends were surprised. I had not seen the film in the last fifteen years so I watched it again with a couple of friends, Yvonne and Alex. We had a great time watching it. We all enjoyed it.

COTCM - As the drawings were completed, an approximate number of 18 different pieces of artwork appeared on screen. As the biggest number of them were shown in the opening credits of the movie, did any of the drawings you created for the film end up "on-the-cutting-room-floor" so to speak?

JWW - Lots of drawings ended up being redone and I'm not certain all were used in the film.

COTCM - If Burt would have known the history of Gatlin, he could have recounted the events when he saw a collection of drawings hanging on the wall as he and Vicky searched the house of Job and Sarah. The house itself was actually filmed in two different locations in Iowa as the exterior was in the town of Hornick and the interior used was a house in Sioux City. Were you available to visit any of the "On Set" locations as production was filmed there?

JWW - I did not go on location. I have never been to Sioux City or Hornick. I am considering a road trip next year with my ten-year-old son. Hopefully, when we drive through the midwest we won't end up in Gatlin!

COTCM - Throughout the movie, Sarah's drawings begin with the cafe massacre and carry on to predict the coming of the interlopers. Were any of the drawings more interesting to draw than others or, in other words, more creatively challenging?

JWW - I enjoyed working on all of the drawings. The creative challenge was to keep the naive feeling in all of the drawings and to never let them look "polished." I did make a point to work on the drawings during the day. It was just too creepy to work on them at night.

COTCM - Since Children of the Corn, you have worked as title graphics designer on the documentary film A League of Their Own, as well as illustrator on the book The Tree Of Life: The Wonders Of Evolution with author Ellen Jackson. Judeanne, what are the differences between working on visuals for the screen as compared to pictures for the reader and also, what projects have kept you busy since?

JWW - Most of the work I've done for the screen has been for print ads. Artwork for books is done larger and then reduced to give it a crisper, tighter look.

From 1984 until 2000, I worked as a freelance graphic artist and illustrator for commercial and editorial projects. I have almost completed my middle grade novel, but it's my ten-year-old son who keeps me busiest.

COTCM - It's been twenty-five years since Job, Sarah and a cornfield of children graced the screen and the names "Isaac" and "Malachai" were forever thrust into cinematic horror history. Since then, the film itself has seemed to have grown to "Cult Classic" status and has recently sparked a Sci-Fi Channel remake by original COTC producer, Donald Borchers. In retrospect, what are your thoughts on the 25th anniversary of the movie and did you ever think when you started on the drawings that your work would become so well known and remembered as fans still go out to buy this film after all these years?

JWW - I was totally unaware of the "Cult Classic" status. I think the people are Stephen King fans, not Judeanne fans. I also believe Stephen King is a great writer and deserves greater critical acclaim.

COTCM - As the anniversary brings new fans and a highly anticipated blu-ray release of the original film, we have a question that has been on our minds. After filming, what became of the drawings, were you able to keep any of them and were you given anything from the production?

JWW - I do not have any of the drawings. The producer would know more about the whereabouts of the original artwork than I do.

COTCM - Judeanne, thank you for this amazing interview and giving us a look into the making of "The Drawings of Sarah". I'm sure fans will agree that, along with the great performances, your outstanding drawings helped catapult the film as one of the most memorable and terrifying movies to ever come out of the cornfields of the horror genre!

JWW - You are welcome.

We would like to personally thank Judeanne again for her time answering our questions to give us her views on what it was like being involved in creating this classic film with her unforgettable drawings of Isaac, He Who Walks Behind The Rows, and the little town of Gatlin. Twenty-five years later, these illustrations still have the same effect as when we first met Sarah and her "Gift of Sight".

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Americanvirus Picture Series Continues With - Locks


Well Outlanders, it is time for another entry in Jonas Marlowe Seaman's Americanvirus Picture Series. Every month, you can always be sure to see something new and creative from Jonas and this month is no exception as we are pleased to bring you - Locks. And don't forget, you can view more of Jonas' work at his Americanvirus.com website and as always, you can also follow Americanvirus on Flickr.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Time For Another Contest From ChildrenoftheCornMovie.com and Anchor Bay Entertainment!

On October 6th, Anchor Bay Entertainment will be releasing the SyFy Channel "re-harvesting" of Stephen King's Children of the Corn on dvd. The movie, which premiered on Saturday, September 26th, will be available in an uncensored, uncut version that you couldn't see on television. And if you missed out on catching the broadcast, here's your chance! Starting today, you can win a copy of the SyFy/Anchor Bay release. All you have to do is send in your name and mailing address to - contests@childrenofthecornmovie.com with the subject line - DVD Contest and you're entered! And guess what? Anchor Bay has graciously given us not one, not five, but TEN copies to giveaway this time around! Next Friday, October 9th, is the deadline for entries so send in those emails! If you have yet to catch a glimpse, here is the official dvd trailer to view. Good Luck Outlanders!

ChildrenoftheCornMovie.com mentioned in Quad-Cities Online Article

Recently, we were asked to contribute a comment to the Quad-Cities Online website that covers news in and around the Quad-City area in Iowa. The article, which centers around the SyFy Channel version of Children of the Corn that premiered last Saturday, discusses the filming in the Iowa areas of Bettendorf, Davenport, LeClaire and Lost Nation and talks with ChildrenoftheCornMovie.com, film consultant Doug Miller, and centers around Donovan and Charlie Klutho who played two of the children from Gatlin in the new "re-harvesting" of Stephen King's classic short story.

Quad-Cities OnlineThe article is now online for viewing and you can see it here or by clicking on the logo above.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"The Children of Gatlin" - 25 Years Later
The Anniversary Interview Series

Russ RoachIt was 1984. Ronald Reagan was president, Van Halen made us "Jump", and we made our way into theaters to witness a small town in Nebraska overrun by a religious leader and his group of community children followers. That movie was, of course, Stephen King's Children of the Corn. And as this year marks the twenty-five year anniversary that this milestone in horror was released, we wondered "What was it like on the set for the Iowa-extras that rounded out the children population of Gatlin?" So after much searching through the cornfields and tracking them down, we were pleased to get in touch recently with Russ Roach who played one of the Gatlin-natives led by Isaac. So Outlanders, here it is. After months of planning we give you, the fans, "The Children of Gatlin" - 25 Years Later.

COTCM - Before "Field of Dreams", Iowa was chosen to host another feature about a cornfield with a voice of it's own. Although the story was depicted and set in the state of Nebraska, Iowa had just the right qualities to make it work. Do you remember the excitement surrounding the fact that a major motion picture was to be filmed in your town?

RR - I can't say that when I was auditioning that I knew what the movie was about. But at the auditions, there was a lot of excitment about trying out.

COTCM - As characters like Isaac, Malachai, Vicky and Burt were needed to make the story believable, the "Children" were essential in making the story work. Did your parents encourage you to be in the film or was it something that was initially pursued and suggested by you?

RR - I had a part in a few plays at the community theater and they recommended everyone should try out. At ten years old, I was up for anything.

COTCM - Once the cast was hired, production was ready to begin on Stephen King's Children of the Corn. As far as filming goes, did they release you from school to shoot your scenes or did it revolve around summer break?

RR - Filming started while school was in session. I can remember missing about two weeks of school.

COTCM - For actors, anything can exist while filming including script re-writes, shooting delays, multiple takes and additional camera angles. Thinking back, what was the schedule like for you on a day of filming? Was it hard to get some much needed sleep the night before?

RR - As a child and only an extra, it seemed like we waited around a lot and the filming went pretty smooth.

COTCM - Although Children of The Corn held an array of accomplished actors, for some, it was their first film role. Were you aware of who the lead actors were as they arrived in Iowa and filming began?

RR - Definitely Linda Hamilton was someone I knew about and some of the other actors just seemed familiar.

COTCM - From what we understand, the weather went from hot to very cold temperatures by the end of production. Did this make it difficult for the director, crew or actors to complete specific scenes as the key sequences of the movie take place in the cornfield?

RR - I guess at my age I didn't notice those things. I can remember specific moments like when they blew up the cornfield.

COTCM - It took a lot of kids to complete the look of Isaac's students-turned-followers who abruptly trimmed down the adult population in the quiet midwestern town of Gatlin. Did director Fritz Kiersch give you much input as to what your motivation should be and also, did he address his direction to all the kids as a group or individually?

RR - I can remember being directed as a group for the most part. Only in one scene I was given a little extra advice.

COTCM - Since filming, it seems the "Children of Gatlin" have spread out all over the country. Over the years, have you stayed in touch with any of the Iowa extras or kept in contact with the principal actors?

RR - Most of the kids I knew were from the community theater and a lot older so not really.

COTCM - One of the big events called for a huge fireball in the sky as "He Who Walks Behind The Rows" is perceived to be destroyed in the final minutes of the movie. Were you able to witness the making and completion of any of the behind-the-scenes effects as they were being created? For you as a kid, being on a movie set must have been exciting!

RR - I can remember staying up pretty late to see the explosion. It was pretty awesome.

COTCM - While Hollywood had it's big premiere, Sioux City had an opening night of it's own. Did you get a chance to see it in a theater when it opened in March of 1984 and was seeing yourself on the screen something that will always be etched into your memory? I'm sure that night was the talk of your school the next day!

RR - It was very exciting to go to the Sioux City premiere. I was really only in a few scenes as an extra, but it nice too see many faces I was familiar with on the big screen.

COTCM - From the cafe massacre to the overthrow of Isaac's reign, Iowa locals can be seen giving their performances, enthusiastically with style and talent. Russ, could you tell us which scenes you were involved in, what it was like filming them and what was your favorite part about helping create a town called Gatlin?

RR - I can remember being in the scene with the blue man in the cornfield, in the beginning and the one with Linda being lifted on to the cross. Also, the scene in the church where Amos is getting himself ready for He Who Walks Behind The Rows and last, in the barn before they go out to the cornfield.

COTCM - Over the years, this film has grown and cut it's way into the genre of horror with a cast of superb actors and an intense screenplay. Now, it has been twenty-five years since horror fans first heard the famous "Outlander!" line and with that, made it's mark in pop culture. With the anniversary and a SyFy Channel remake on the way, why do you think the popularity of the movie continues to grow and still brings the audiences, young and old alike, back to the cornfield?

RR - I would hope it's the ability of the viewer to see movie for what it is. A bit of Americana with a hint of one's yearning thoughts of rebellion mixed with sheer horror.

COTCM - Russ, thanks for giving us and the readers an interesting look into the making of a movie that over the years, undeniably put the "Nicest Little Town in Nebraska" on the road map of horror!

RR - Thanks. I hope what little memories I have are benificial for you and your readers.

A big "Thank You" goes out again to Russ for sharing his memories about filming a movie that made kids in the midwest, to this day, frightened beyond imagination. And stay tuned for the next interview in "The Children of Gatlin" - 25 Years Later anniversary series coming soon from ChildrenoftheCornMovie.com!