Friday, December 11, 2009

It Was The Eighties! - Linda Hamilton Interview By Red Shirt Pictures Available Now On The Anchor Bay Children of the Corn BD!

One of Anchor Bay's most popular fan favorite releases this year was the announcement of the original Children of the Corn on BD! Included in this outstanding release were three brand new interviews with Donald Borchers, Jonathan Elias & Craig Stearns and the always popular Linda Hamilton. In charge of putting these together was a company called Red Shirt Pictures. The name may not sound familiar but if you are a fan of horror, you may have seen some of their other interviews on dvd's such as - The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Night of the Demons, The Monster Squad, Creepshow, Hellraiser 1 & 2 and Pumpkinhead. Run by Michael Felsher, Red Shirt Pictures produces audio commentaries, interview featurettes and documentaries for major studios and independent distributors. You can view their list of their dvd projects here or visit their website at for more information on what they do. And as a treat, we have included a portion of the Linda Hamilton interview straight from the official Red Shirt Pictures YouTube channel for your enjoyment!

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