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"The Children of Gatlin" - 25 Years Later
The Anniversary Interview Series

Russ RoachIt was 1984. Ronald Reagan was president, Van Halen made us "Jump", and we made our way into theaters to witness a small town in Nebraska overrun by a religious leader and his group of community children followers. That movie was, of course, Stephen King's Children of the Corn. And as this year marks the twenty-five year anniversary that this milestone in horror was released, we wondered "What was it like on the set for the Iowa-extras that rounded out the children population of Gatlin?" So after much searching through the cornfields and tracking them down, we were pleased to get in touch recently with Russ Roach who played one of the Gatlin-natives led by Isaac. So Outlanders, here it is. After months of planning we give you, the fans, "The Children of Gatlin" - 25 Years Later.

COTCM - Before "Field of Dreams", Iowa was chosen to host another feature about a cornfield with a voice of it's own. Although the story was depicted and set in the state of Nebraska, Iowa had just the right qualities to make it work. Do you remember the excitement surrounding the fact that a major motion picture was to be filmed in your town?

RR - I can't say that when I was auditioning that I knew what the movie was about. But at the auditions, there was a lot of excitment about trying out.

COTCM - As characters like Isaac, Malachai, Vicky and Burt were needed to make the story believable, the "Children" were essential in making the story work. Did your parents encourage you to be in the film or was it something that was initially pursued and suggested by you?

RR - I had a part in a few plays at the community theater and they recommended everyone should try out. At ten years old, I was up for anything.

COTCM - Once the cast was hired, production was ready to begin on Stephen King's Children of the Corn. As far as filming goes, did they release you from school to shoot your scenes or did it revolve around summer break?

RR - Filming started while school was in session. I can remember missing about two weeks of school.

COTCM - For actors, anything can exist while filming including script re-writes, shooting delays, multiple takes and additional camera angles. Thinking back, what was the schedule like for you on a day of filming? Was it hard to get some much needed sleep the night before?

RR - As a child and only an extra, it seemed like we waited around a lot and the filming went pretty smooth.

COTCM - Although Children of The Corn held an array of accomplished actors, for some, it was their first film role. Were you aware of who the lead actors were as they arrived in Iowa and filming began?

RR - Definitely Linda Hamilton was someone I knew about and some of the other actors just seemed familiar.

COTCM - From what we understand, the weather went from hot to very cold temperatures by the end of production. Did this make it difficult for the director, crew or actors to complete specific scenes as the key sequences of the movie take place in the cornfield?

RR - I guess at my age I didn't notice those things. I can remember specific moments like when they blew up the cornfield.

COTCM - It took a lot of kids to complete the look of Isaac's students-turned-followers who abruptly trimmed down the adult population in the quiet midwestern town of Gatlin. Did director Fritz Kiersch give you much input as to what your motivation should be and also, did he address his direction to all the kids as a group or individually?

RR - I can remember being directed as a group for the most part. Only in one scene I was given a little extra advice.

COTCM - Since filming, it seems the "Children of Gatlin" have spread out all over the country. Over the years, have you stayed in touch with any of the Iowa extras or kept in contact with the principal actors?

RR - Most of the kids I knew were from the community theater and a lot older so not really.

COTCM - One of the big events called for a huge fireball in the sky as "He Who Walks Behind The Rows" is perceived to be destroyed in the final minutes of the movie. Were you able to witness the making and completion of any of the behind-the-scenes effects as they were being created? For you as a kid, being on a movie set must have been exciting!

RR - I can remember staying up pretty late to see the explosion. It was pretty awesome.

COTCM - While Hollywood had it's big premiere, Sioux City had an opening night of it's own. Did you get a chance to see it in a theater when it opened in March of 1984 and was seeing yourself on the screen something that will always be etched into your memory? I'm sure that night was the talk of your school the next day!

RR - It was very exciting to go to the Sioux City premiere. I was really only in a few scenes as an extra, but it nice too see many faces I was familiar with on the big screen.

COTCM - From the cafe massacre to the overthrow of Isaac's reign, Iowa locals can be seen giving their performances, enthusiastically with style and talent. Russ, could you tell us which scenes you were involved in, what it was like filming them and what was your favorite part about helping create a town called Gatlin?

RR - I can remember being in the scene with the blue man in the cornfield, in the beginning and the one with Linda being lifted on to the cross. Also, the scene in the church where Amos is getting himself ready for He Who Walks Behind The Rows and last, in the barn before they go out to the cornfield.

COTCM - Over the years, this film has grown and cut it's way into the genre of horror with a cast of superb actors and an intense screenplay. Now, it has been twenty-five years since horror fans first heard the famous "Outlander!" line and with that, made it's mark in pop culture. With the anniversary and a SyFy Channel remake on the way, why do you think the popularity of the movie continues to grow and still brings the audiences, young and old alike, back to the cornfield?

RR - I would hope it's the ability of the viewer to see movie for what it is. A bit of Americana with a hint of one's yearning thoughts of rebellion mixed with sheer horror.

COTCM - Russ, thanks for giving us and the readers an interesting look into the making of a movie that over the years, undeniably put the "Nicest Little Town in Nebraska" on the road map of horror!

RR - Thanks. I hope what little memories I have are benificial for you and your readers.

A big "Thank You" goes out again to Russ for sharing his memories about filming a movie that made kids in the midwest, to this day, frightened beyond imagination. And stay tuned for the next interview in "The Children of Gatlin" - 25 Years Later anniversary series coming soon from!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Update - Varese Sarabande's 25th Anniversary CD Edition of Children of the Corn is a Quick Sellout

Well, it seems that the 25th Anniversary Edition of the original Children of the Corn soundtrack was a very fast sellout, but not the fastest in Varese history. We just received news from Varese that Children of the Corn (1984) sold out within 16 hours, similar to Jonathan Elias' score for Vamp and Jay Chattaway's Silver Bullet. They think the cd that holds the fastest title is probably Georges Delerue's True Confessions. We have been recently notified that Ebay does have a few copies listed so if you were not able to order a copy in time, be sure to check them out!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Varese Sarabande Releases Children of the Corn 25th Anniversary Edition CD Re-Issue

The moment has finally arrived! Today, we received word from that the original 1984 classic score by Jonathan Elias was now available for pre-order in a newly packaged 25th Anniversary Edition cd re-issue, limited to a number of 1,000! No sooner did we get this posted, than the entire supply of 1,000 copies were sold out! This has got to be one of the fastest sell-outs Varese has seen and we are waiting from them on the actual sell out time and figures. For those of you who missed out, if we hear of any other sites that may have picked up a few, we will be sure to let you know. Outlanders, we would just like to say that it was the fans like you who spoke out and wanted to see this happen. You wrote to Varese Sarabande and demanded the original. And Outlanders, they listened. Your voice was heard and it is you who have made the original Children of the Corn a cult classic for the last twenty-five years. We at would like to say, from the Cornfields of Gatlin, "Thank You!" For everyone, here is the front cover art and back case art of the cd YOU requested! To check out the listing, you can click here.

Front Art
Back Art

Friday, September 25, 2009

SyFy Channel Presents - Children of the Corn Tonight

Well Outlanders, tonight marks the premiere of Donald Borchers "re-harvesting" of Stephen King's Children of the Corn. For lovers of the original short story by Stephen King, this is said to follow the Night Shift collection entry, depicting the original not-so-happy ending that was changed in the original movie. The film, which was produced last September in the Quad-City area of Iowa, stars Kandyse McClure, David Anders, Daniel Newman and Preston Bailey as "Isaac". Children of the Corn can be seen tonight at 8 PM Central so be sure to check your local listings for the broadcasting time in your area. In the meantime, check below for a special SyFy preview.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Varese Sarabande Children of the Corn Soundtrack Cover Art Revealed

Yesterday, Varese Sarabande revealed their new cover art for the Children of the Corn SYFY television soundtrack and thanks to them, we are excited to be able to give you this first look!

Front Cover Art
Back Cover Art
Scored by original Children of the Corn composer Jonathan Elias and Nathaniel Morgan, the soundtrack to the SYFY television remake is now available for pre-order at with a expected release date of October 6th.

"Children of the Corn", directed by 1984's original COTC producer Donald P. Borchers, is set to premiere on the SYFY Channel Saturday, September 26th (check your local listings for your broadcast area) and to be released on dvd Tuesday, October 6th. We have been receiving mixed feelings from fans on the idea of a "Corn" re-harvesting and we would like to hear more! As you all know, we are dedicated (and have been from the start) in bringing you everything about the 1984 original. But we feel since this is more of a re-telling or "re-harvesting" of the original short story by Stephen King than a, and here's that nasty word again - remake, that we should address it and cover it's release for the fans.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Cuts From The Corn : The Classic Scenes presents - "There's Something Very Wrong....."

We know it's been a few months since our last "Cuts From The Corn" entry so with a little harvesting, we decided to hit the road and travel with Burt and Vicky when they realized "There's Something Very Wrong....".

There's Something Very Wrong...
After a bit of car trouble caused an unexpected halt to their trip, Burt (Peter Horton) realized that their "accident" wasn't what it appeared to be. So as Vicky (Linda Hamilton) approached and saw Joseph (Jonas Marlowe) lying on the Nebraska road, Burt tried to console her and explain that things were leaning a little more towards the homicide-point of things (and the edge of a sharp knife). Maybe Joseph would have faired a little better health if he had just stayed in Gatlin!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Coming Soon : "The Children of Gatlin" - 25 Years Later

Keep watching for a very special interview series we can't wait to bring to you, the fans. Have you ever asked yourself, "What was it like being one of the Children of the Corn?" All we can say is that it has been fascinating finding out! Coming Soon : "The Children of Gatlin" - 25 Years Later.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Courtney Gains Appearing at Skeleton's Lair in South Central Kentucky

If you're going to be in the Bowling Green, Kentucky area in October, then here is one attraction you don't want to miss! Celebrating "Ten Years of Terror", Skeleton's Lair Haunted Woods & Hayride is honoring it's anniversary this fall with a month full of guest appearances. And with the 25th anniversary of the original Children of the Corn this year, what better way to celebrate both milestones than with an appearance by fan-favorite Courtney Gains/"Malachai"! Available for meeting fans and signing autographs, Courtney will be appearing for two nights on Friday, October 9th and Saturday, October 10th which is sure to be a treat for Children of the Corn fans!

Skeleton's Lair Haunted Woods & Hayride

Located just outside of Bowling Green, Kentucky and about an hour north of Nashville, TN, Skeleton's Lair is a high energy, interactive Halloween attraction featuring their haunted woods, haunted hayride and 3-D mystery maze. For more information, click on the banner above or go to to check out their list of October guests, directions, hours of operation, souveniers, and skeleton stories! To order tickets online, click here to beat the Halloween rush!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Varese Sarabande To Release Children of the Corn Remake Soundtrack

The great folks at (you know, those folks that have given us some of the greatest horror film re-issues in the past) have recently posted on their site that the soundtrack to the new remake directed by Donald Borchers (producer of the original) is soon to be released and available for purchase. Returning as composer is Jonathan Elias with an exciting reimagining of his classic 1984 score to the original. No cover art specs as of yet but we will post it as sson as we can.

The new version of Stephen King’s CHILDREN OF THE CORN is set to premiere on SyFy September 26th, and will be available on DVD from Anchor Bay/Starz! Entertainment arriving in stores October 6th. So far, no blu-ray edition to the television remake has been confirmed but we will keep you posted on any new developments. Now, when do we get to see the original score released for the first time on cd??!! Can't ask for a better time than an anniversary can we??