Saturday, July 25, 2009

Roadside Revelation - A First Look into the Next Portrait in the Children of the Corn 25th Anniversary Series

Coming Soon to
The Children of the Corn 25th Anniversary
Portrait Series by Frizzell

The Children of the Corn 25th Anniversary Portrait Series by Frizzell

Roadside Revelation

As Burt and Vicky make their way down an empty Nebraska highway, a startling discovery forces them to find help and answers to a horror neither one of them could have dreamed or imagined.

The new portrait by Corey Frizzell available soon for purchase only

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Win a Children of the Corn 25th Anniversary Blu-Ray Edition!

Who wants to win a copy of Anchor Bay Entertainment's upcoming August 25th release of Stephen King's Children of the Corn 25th Anniversary Edition on Blu-ray? Well, now is your chance! Starting Monday, July 20th and ending on Sunday, August 16th, we will be holding a contest to give away not one, not two, but FIVE copies of the new Blu-ray thanks to our friends at Anchor Bay and Starz! Entertainment. Included in this outstanding edition are features like -

· Audio commentary with director Fritz Kiersch, producer Terrence Kirby and actors John Franklin & Courtney Gains
· NEW “It Was The Eighties!” (HD) -- Linda Hamilton talks about working on the film, offering great behind-the-scenes stories about the cast and crew
· NEW “Stephen King on a Shoestring” (HD) – All-New interview with Producer Donald Borchers.
· NEW “Welcome to Gatlin: The Sights and Sounds of Children of the Corn” (HD) – Interview with Production Designer Craig Stearns and Composer Jonathan Elias
· “Harvesting Horror: The Making of Children of the Corn” (SD)
· Fast Film Facts
· Original theatrical trailer
· Poster & still gallery
· Original storyboard and original title sequence art

What do you have to do to become eligible? Glad you asked! Be thinking of why you like the 1984 classic original, type it in an email along with your name, and send it to - with the subject line - Children of the Corn Blu-Ray. It's that simple! We want to know everything that makes it a favorite of yours. From Sarah's drawings to the Malachai/Burt brawl, to the first time you saw it to the nightmares about cornfields - if it's why you're a fan, we want to read about it! We will then read all of the entries, pick our five favorites and contact the winners by email the week of August 17th. It may even be a possibility that we post some of the entries on our site in the near future! Now is that cooler than a cornfield or what??!! As this marks our first contest, we are excited to be able to bring this to the fans so what are you waiting for Outlanders? " wants you to...." email us with your stories!

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Americanvirus Picture Series - Take Me To Your Leader.

Take Me To Your Leader

We at are very proud this week to continue with the fourth entry in The Americanvirus Picture Series called - Take Me To Your Leader. For those of you new to the series, Americanvirus is a website that showcases the creative works of Jonas Marlowe Seaman (Joseph from the original Children of the Corn) that range from drawings,to photographs, to videos. To view Jonas' talent, be sure to check out and don't forget, you can follow also Americanvirus on Flickr! As this marks the fourth installment, we want to also congratulate Jonas as he recently celebrated the one-year anniversary on the launch of his website. We are very excited to see what the next year and the future holds for Jonas and his amazing and talented works.
Happy Anniversary Americanvirus!

Friday, July 3, 2009

A Special 4th of July Edition of Cuts From The Corn


With the 4th of July weekend coming up, we thought it would be nice to have a Cuts From The Corn special edition and show something in nature to the holiday. And what better scene than the presumed destruction of "He Who Walks Behind The Rows" which we call - Explosion!

After Burt fights off a few ears of corn, Job races to the rescue with a knife in hand. But when the bottle throw doesn't go off exactly as planned, Job rushes to retrieve it and brings it back to Burt for one last (and hopefully successful) pitch. Thankfully for them, it meets the gasohol target and ignites the entire cornfield in a blaze. The last we see of the ol' "Row Walker", he is rising into the sky with a piercing shriek of defeat. You sure can't buy that on the 4th of July!

Linda Hamilton Update

Hello Outlanders! As we are dedicated to bringing you the latest in updates and news, we just received word that Linda Hamilton (Vicky) is currently filming a new movie in New Mexico and will be appearing at the following conventions:

August 28th-30th, 2009 -
The FanExpo at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto, Canada.
Date of Appearance - All three days.
Click here for more details or go to to view all showtimes and guests.

October 16th-18th, 2009 -
The Big Apple Con at Pier 94 in New York City , NY.
Date of Appearance - All three days.
You can click here or check out for more information.

Of course, all convention appearances and dates are subject to change so be sure to check the convention websites before heading to the event.