Friday, November 12, 2010

The Americanvirus Picture Series Continues With - Joe Williamson: Retired Explorer Of The Antarctic

One of our favorite segments here at is the Americanvirus picture series that features the outstanding work of Jonas Seaman. I'm sure all Children of the Corn fans will remember Jonas played Joseph, the Gatlin native that met a very untimely end at the hands of Malachai (and Burt's car!). Jonas runs a fabulous website at where he posts many of his photographic and creative works. It is our extreme pleasure to include this as a part of our site and we thank Jonas for his continued support. So, let's get to it and unveil - Joe Williamson: Retired Explorer Of The Antarctic!

Joe Williamson

As always, Jonas captures the essence of his subjects to a degree that brings out feelings in every picture he produces. As much as we love to feature these photographs, we haven't even begun to touch the iceberg! For a look at Jonas' extensive collection, please visit or head over to his official page at Flickr.