Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Outlanders!! The Screen Printing Factory Wants You Too!

John Franklin and Courtney Gains at HorrorHound Cincinnati 2009 If you were able to attend HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati this past November, then you might have noticed those awesome Children of the Corn shirts hanging behind the tables of Courtney Gains and John Franklin. And, if you were lucky, you might even have been able to snag yourself one of these popular pieces of Children of the Corn collectible apparel. If you were asking yourself all weekend, "Who did those cool shirts?", well the person behind those outstanding COTC designs was artist and illustrator Ben Harley, owner and operator of The Screen Printing Factory.

John Franklin, Ben Harley and Courtney Gains at HorrorHound Cincinnati 2009 After many years as a screen printer, it was Ben's long interest in art and horror that led him to pursue a career following his passion for both. After majoring in illustration at the Columbus College of Art & Design, a career was needed that would allow him more freedom to give special care to his daughter. It was then in 2008 that he decided to open his own business and the Screen Printing Factory was born.

Screen Printing Factory table display at HorrorHound Cincinnati 2009Although you may have also noticed some of Ben's work on the website Horrorbid.com and at horror conventions around the Midwest, he also has done custom artwork and screen printing on clothing for various schools, teams, clubs and organizations in the Ohio area. For a look at some of these unique creations, you can view his great shirts and designs at his website www.screenprintingfactory.com, and on his Myspace pages at myspace.com/benharley29 and myspace.com/thescreenprintingfactory.

He Wants You Too!With Jaws, Halloween and The Howling being his favorite movies within the genre, it is evident with his shirts paying homage to such great iconic movie characters as Michael Myers and Jason Vorhees, that Ben's interest in horror films and his talented artistic illustrations have created a niche for himself in the cornfield of horror so-to-speak and his Children of the Corn series is no exception. Whether you are team Isaac, team Malachai, or find it hard to choose, both of these shirts have the outstanding color and quality to please any visitor to pass through the town of Gatlin! After seeing both of these first-hand, one thing is for sure Outlanders - You won't be disappointed! To order your own Children of the Corn wear or any other of his horror-themed items, you can click here, on one of the Isaac / Malachai design pics or shoot Ben an email at screenprintingfactory@yahoo.com.

OUTLANDER! To check out his other great designs, photo gallery and prices on creating custom screen printing of t-shirts, hoodies, sportswear and promotional items for all of your team, business or special event needs, go over and visit his official website at screenprintingfactory.com. Be sure to tell him ChildrenoftheCornMovie.com sent ya and let the Screen Printing Factory help - "Build Your Image!"

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Evan Brehany said...

Cool. These shirts look much cooler than the ones on Ebay.