Saturday, November 14, 2009

Horror's Hallowed Grounds Episode 1 Uncut Running On For A Limited Time

Horror's Hallowed GroundsIf you are a fan of John Carpenter's excellent film Halloween, or if you are just a horror fan in general, then this is something you don't want to miss! What if you could visit the filming locations of your favorite horror films from the past? Would it be Friday the 13th? Poltergeist? The Amityville Horror? And what if you could tell other horror fans about your experiences. Would you make the fans feel like they were there? Well, with Horror's Hallowed Grounds, series creator Sean Clark has done just that. Centering on famous horror genre films and the places that brought them to the screen, HHG revisits the areas and towns that made each one of these movies without a doubt, memorable in the eyes of moviegoers everywhere. While Horror's Hallowed Grounds is currently being published as an article in HorrorHound Magazine (click here for their website), one of them was made as a television episode featured on the Halloween - 25 Years of Terror dvd available from Anchor Bay Entertainment. Covering the original shooting locations for John Carpenter's Halloween, Sean brings US to the movie with his insightful interviews and information as he tracks down the places where Carpenter filmed his vision of what was to become one of the most popular horror-film franchises that continues to this day. And now, for a limited time, has recently posted a 7-minute, uncut streaming version of HHG's Halloween episode on their website that you can view here or by watching it below. Also, be sure to check out the official HHG website at where you can find links to all of Sean's HHG articles and info on future ones as well. The HHG uncut video will be running until November 20th so be sure you let know what you think and let's get Horror's Hallowed Grounds picked up as a series!

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