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Burt Escapes

What is your favorite scene from Children of the Corn? We were asking ourselves that very same question and thought, why not do a weekly series? There are so many iconic images and scenes from the original that I, like many other fans I'm sure, could not choose just one. And you may notice that the scene entries will not be in the order they appear in the movie. Instead, we have decided to choose at random so that each week, it will be new, exciting and unexpected. Then as each new entry is posted, the following week's picture will move over to the right of the page with a clickable link to view it with the original post. So with that being said we present - Cuts From The Corn : The Classic Scenes. We start the series with one of our favorites. We call it - Burt Escapes.

Burt Escapes
After being witness to the ritualistic passage of Amos at the church (and Rachel trying to get the point across, Literaly!), Burt takes off only to be chased by the children of Gatlin. Before he is cornered at the flagpole, Burt watches the arrival of Malachai and his gang while in hiding. Although he is successful in avoiding capture, he does suffer a nasty bang to the face from a wooden beam as he seeks cover from Malachai in an old building.

"Stick A Needle In Your Eye..."

Welcome to our second entry of Cuts From The Corn : The Classic Scenes Series. As you may remember, each week will feature a classic scene from the original 1984 movie. If you have any suggestions for a certain scene, feel free to email us at for your thoughts on a classic moment. Now, let's take a trip into the cornfields of Gatlin with "Stick a Needle In Your Eye..."

Stick a Needle In Your Eye...
When Joseph "Couldn't take it anymore..", he told Job (Robby Kiger) and Sarah (AnneMarie McEvoy) he was running away. As they had a secret meeting in one of the old buildings to discuss the plan, Joseph (Jonas Marlowe) told Job and Sarah to mind Isaac until he came back or "You know what happens...". Joseph also made them promise not to tell anyone he was gone with "Cross your heart, Hope to die, Stick a needle in your eye..." or else they would burn on the lake of fire for all eternity.

"Good Coffee..."

Welcome to our third entry in our Cuts From The Corn : The Classic Scenes Series. Each week will feature a classic scene from the original 1984 movie and if you have any suggestions for a certain scene, feel free to email us at for your "classic moment" ideas. Now, let's head over to Hansen's Cafe for some "Good Coffee..."

Good Coffee...
As Job and his father stopped by Hansen's Cafe on that fateful Sunday for a talk with the townsfolk and a strawberry shake, the town teenagers had other plans. While a menacing Isaac looked on, the cafe waitress poured a little something extra (and it wasn't caffeine) into the afternoon coffee pot that began the carnage that was to follow all over the town of Gatlin. Maybe they really should have passed on that second cup.....

The Rising of Vicky

Welcome to our fourth entry in our Cuts From The Corn : The Classic Scenes Series. This week, we feature another classic scene from the original 1984 movie and as always, if you have any suggestions for a certain scene, feel free to email us at for your "classic moment" ideas. Now, if all outlanders are ready, let's join the kids to witness "The Rising of Vicky".

The Rising of Vicky
While Burt went searching the deserted town of Gatlin for help, Vicky stayed alone with Sarah to try and understand what was going on. After a surprise visit from Malachai and the boys, Vicky is taken prisoner out into the clearing and prepared to become the sacrifice of "He Who Walks Behind The Rows". I bet being placed on a cross and being lifted into the air wasn't part of the itinerary when they planned their trip......



With the 4th of July weekend coming up, we thought it would be nice to have a Cuts From The Corn special edition and show something in nature to the holiday. And what better scene than the presumed destruction of "He Who Walks Behind The Rows" which we call - Explosion!

After Burt fights off a few ears of corn, Job races to the rescue with a knife in hand. But when the bottle throw doesn't go off exactly as planned, Job rushes to retrieve it and brings it back to Burt for one last (and hopefully successful) pitch. Thankfully for them, it meets the gasohol target and ignites the entire cornfield in a blaze. The last we see of the ol' "Row Walker", he is rising into the sky with a piercing shriek of defeat. You sure can't buy that on the 4th of July!

"There's Something Very Wrong..."

We know it's been a few months since our last "Cuts From The Corn" entry so with a little harvesting, we decided to hit the road and travel with Burt and Vicky when they realized "There's Something Very Wrong....".

There's Something Very Wrong...
After a bit of car trouble caused an unexpected halt to their trip, Burt (Peter Horton) realized that their "accident" wasn't what it appeared to be. So as Vicky (Linda Hamilton) approached and saw Joseph (Jonas Marlowe) lying on the Nebraska road, Burt tried to console her and explain that things were leaning a little more towards the homicide-point of things (and the edge of a sharp knife). Maybe Joseph would have faired a little better health if he had just stayed in Gatlin!

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