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Get a Revealing Look at CUJO in Lee Gambin’s Comprehensive Tome NOPE, NOTHING WRONG HERE: THE MAKING OF CUJO

Acclaimed film historian and author Lee Gambin will have you cowering in your Ford Pinto curled up with his monumental tome Nope, Nothing Wrong Here: The Making of CUJO, an exhaustive guide to Lewis Teague's 1983 big screen adaptation of Stephen King's bestselling novel CUJO. The book is a meticulously-researched, lovingly-assembled collection featuring thirty exclusive candid interviews and over two hundred never-before-seen production stills.

The author traces the film’s production from troubled start (the firing of original director Peter Medak and replacement by Teague) through the film’s legacy today as one of the most successful and well-regarded onscreen visions of King’s work. Gambin’s academic approach and reverence for the topic makes it essential reading for discerning fans, academics, and cinema history enthusiasts who will revel in his astute scene-by-scene analysis and in-depth behind-the-scenes coverage.

Stuntman Gary Morgan

Gambin, whose career involves insightful writing on nature-gone-amok genre films and is particularly drawn to canines in cinema, describes Cujo as, “a biting critique on the breakdown of the American family, an electric take on the ‘woman in the storm’ story trope, a personal and introspective ecologically themed horror film (a sub-genre usually socially and politically motivated) and a perfectly realized example of the power of circumstance. It also thoroughly scrutinizes fear - both real and imagined - in a sharp and magnetic manner.” Gambin provides a platform for the talented artists involved in Cujo's creation to disclose intimate details about their time on set including stars Dee Wallace, Daniel Hugh Kelly and Danny Pintauro, director Lewis Teague, composer Charles Bernstein, as well as Gary Morgan, the stuntman who periodically filled in for the dogs playing Cujo in a custom-made Saint Bernard suit.

Animal Trainer Karl Lewis Miller and "Daddy"

Additional voices from the set are represented such as Danny Pintauro’s parents along with highly deserving and loving insight about the late great animal trainer Karl Lewis Miller from his daughter Teresa Ann Miller; these unique entries that show the breadth of Gambin’s scope in covering the film.

Nope, Nothing Wrong Here: The Making of Cujo is the ultimate “making of” collection and the perfect tribute to a modern classic - a pure celebration of eighties horror, Stephen King, canines in film, powerhouse performances from women and much more. Absolutely everything you wanted to know about Cujo is here on display in all its vicious, frothing glory.
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About the Author:
Lee Gambin is a writer and film historian in Melbourne. He has written for publications such as Fangoria, Shock Till You Drop, Delirium and Scream Magazine, among others. He is the author of Massacred By Mother Nature: Exploring the Natural Horror Film and We Can Be Who We Are: Movie Musicals of the 1970s. He is the director of Melbourne-based film collective Cinemaniacs. In addition to Nope, Nothing Wrong Here: The Making of Cujo, he has another book all about Joe Dante's werewolf masterwork The Howling as part of Centipede Press's Studies in the Horror Film academic series and is working on a critical work called Tonight, On A Very Special Episode: A History of Sitcoms that Sometimes Got Serious.

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Children of the Corn Filmed in Siouxland

Great news report by Siouxland's KCAU Channel 9 about the 1983 Iowa filming of Children of the Corn. Originally broadcast on October 31st, 2016.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Looking For Children Of The Corn Home Decor? Has You Covered!

As true horror fans, we all know how hard it can be to find available merchandise featuring our favorite films. Especially Children of the Corn related items. And finding the right high quality horror themed décor for our own homes can be equally as frustrating. Well, look no further because has just what you're looking for!

Offering a wide selection of handmade horror-themed products such as pillows, pot holders, placemats, candles, and many other household items, has enough home interior goodies to satisfy the horror fan in all of us. From Night of the Living Dead to The Shining and Christine, they have made sure the horror genre has been well represented. Of course, here in the cornfield, our favorites are the Children of the Corn items and was gracious enough to send us some for review. So first up Outlanders, the Gatlin pillow -

Available in small and large size versions, the Gatlin pillow design makes you feel as if you are driving right along with Burt and Vicky as they head into the "Nicest Little Town In Nebraska" looking for help. The professional quality is amazing and would be a great addition to any living room or bedroom furnishings or "corn-themed" decorating ideas.
The back of the pillow is produced in a stunning green and really adds a "cornfield" feel to the overall design and style of the entire product which could be used in front/back combination with a second. Whether you decide on going with a small, large, or a mixed variety, "He Who Walks Behind the Rows" will certainly be well pleased!
The Gift of Sight pillow has the same great craftsmanship as the Gatlin pillow with the front depicting a vision from Sarah's drawings in the film, reproduced authentically by Autumn K. Available in an approximate 12" x 15" size, this would be an excellent one-of-a-kind item to own, or purchase, for any Children of the Corn fan.
The opposite side of the Gift of Sight pillow is an all black color which makes for a great reverse option or whichever you choose. And for those that like to decorate outside of the house as well, keeps the Children of the Corn products coming as they have added another item to their newest line of Horror Flags to show our love of the genre all year long!

We at would like to say a big "Thanks" to Matt for sending the items for review and if you would like to purchase your very own Children of the Corn décor, head on over to and "Make Every Day A Living Nightmare"!

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Happy Halloween From The Cornfield!

Happy Halloween Outlanders! I hope everyone had a great time on the one night of the year when we can be anyone, or any "Thing", that we want to be! Sorry for the late posting but things have been very busy in the cornfields this past week. Well, for this season of shocks and scares, did everyone dress up as their favorite horror icon? Who did you pick? Was it Crystal Lake's most popular camper Jason Vorhees, Springwood's nightmarish Elm Street resident Freddy Krueger, or was it a cornfield favorite from the nicest little town in Nebraska? As you know, we would choose the latter as the people of Gatlin hold a special place in our hearts. So when some of the most fantastic Children of the Corn-inspired photos we had ever seen came to us recently, we just had to post them for the corn fans to see!

Featuring the very talented photography work of Meg who goes by the photography name of Harpyimages, the photos feature her daughter Mercy in a very creepy portrayal as Isaac, religious leader of the children of Gatlin. In her authentic-looking outfit and weapon, one can imagine Mercy herself looking in through the café window in the
opening scene or emerging from the corn at the end of the film to let Malachai know that "He Wants You Too". It's obvious that not only is Mercy a natural and professional when it comes to posing, but that a lot of thought and planning went into the theme and costume ideas for this series of Children of the Corn photos. We really feel that Meg's outstanding photography style brings out the mood and feelings of the 1984 movie and it seems evident that both her and her daughter are also a part of the film's loyal fan base. With this being the 30 year anniversary, these pictures couldn't have come at a better time to celebrate not only the effect that Fritz Kiersch's superbly directed film has had on the horror community and pop culture, but the huge population of world-wide fans that love the original "That Started It All".
We at would like to end this entry by sending out a huge "Thank You" to Meg and Mercy for giving us their permission to post these awesome photos that we thoroughly enjoyed to see. By the way, if you liked these as much as we did, stay tuned for a very special part 2 of "Happy Halloween From The Cornfield!" coming soon as we will be posting even more of Mercy and Harpyimages' Children of the Corn-inspired photos that we are sure that even He Who Walks Behind The Rows would definitely be proud of!

Remember Outlanders, just because the 2014 Halloween season has now came to a close for the year, doesn't mean our love for our favorite scary movies, their characters and all-night horror movie marathons has to.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Children of the Corn to be featured during AMC's FearFest 2014!

If you are a fan of horror films, Stephen King and AMC's annual October FearFest, then tomorrow is the time to tune in! Beginning Friday, October 17th, television's biggest Halloween event kicks off with a day long marathon dedicated to the film adaptations of some of the creepiest novels and short stories by acclaimed horror writer Stephen King. Starting at 8 AM central time, AMC will deliver many fan favorites such as - Graveyard Shift, Cujo, Firestarter, Silver Bullet, Dreamcatcher, Thinner, Riding the Bullet, and of course our personal favorite - Children of the Corn. As the "Horrorthon" continues through Friday, October 31st, there should be a little something for everybody. But for those wanting to visit our favorite town of Gatlin, here are the upcoming FearFest showtimes -

Stephen King's Children of the Corn

Friday, October 17th - 9:30 PM central time
Saturday, October 18th - 7:00 AM central time
Wednesday, October 29th - 12:00 PM central time

For more information on AMC's FearFest 2014 lineup, click on the logo above or visit to view the full schedule listing.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Now Available for 24 Hours - Only at Fright-Rags!

Ok, Children of the Corn fans! To coincide with the 30th anniversary, our friends at Fright-Rags have released an outstanding shirt and design as a part of their Midnight Madness series. Check it out Outlanders -

What is the Midnight Madness series you ask? Throughout the summer, Fright-Rags will be releasing once a month, one brand new shirt design that will be available for only 24 hours at the price of  $18. The design will only be available for pre-order during the 24 hour span (midnight to midnight, eastern time), and then it will disappear and never will be reprinted again. There will be no teasers or sneak peeks to the identity of the design until it officially goes on sale. So take a walk with us into the cornfields of Gatlin, click on the picture above or link below, and order your shirt today. Remember, this is only available for 24 hours and will end on Sunday, July 13th at 12:01 AM, eastern time and disappear into the cornfields forever!