Friday, November 12, 2010

The Americanvirus Picture Series Continues With - Joe Williamson: Retired Explorer Of The Antarctic

One of our favorite segments here at is the Americanvirus picture series that features the outstanding work of Jonas Seaman. I'm sure all Children of the Corn fans will remember Jonas played Joseph, the Gatlin native that met a very untimely end at the hands of Malachai (and Burt's car!). Jonas runs a fabulous website at where he posts many of his photographic and creative works. It is our extreme pleasure to include this as a part of our site and we thank Jonas for his continued support. So, let's get to it and unveil - Joe Williamson: Retired Explorer Of The Antarctic!

Joe Williamson

As always, Jonas captures the essence of his subjects to a degree that brings out feelings in every picture he produces. As much as we love to feature these photographs, we haven't even begun to touch the iceberg! For a look at Jonas' extensive collection, please visit or head over to his official page at Flickr.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A "Return To Gatlin" 25 Years Later Extra

Welcome Outlanders to a special edition of "Return To Gatlin" 25 Years Later. As this had a bit of info to go with it and was also a location by itself, we decided to give it it's own feature. I'm sure you all know the story. Three years ago, the adult townsfolk of rural Gatlin went out into the cornfield (permanently) while Sarah predicted with her drawings the events that would forever shape the "Nicest Little Town In Nebraska" into "An Adult Nightmare." As the opening credits show a gallery of her work, it finalizes, at least for the moment, on a car parked in front of a motel. The drawing materializes into Present Day to introduce us to our heroes of the story, Burt (Peter Horton) and Vicky (Linda Hamilton). As many of us have done this past summer, Burt and Vicky decided on stopping for the night before heading on their way to a place that was not a scheduled visit on their route.

As with searching any movie filming locations, sometimes finding certain areas can be hit or miss due to the amount of time that has passed. Assuming it was the outside of the former Howard Johnson's in Sioux City, I figured it just didn't exist anymore. I was soon proved wrong and hit the jackpot. Located off Interstate 29 just outside of Sergeant Bluff IA, there you will find the building, now an Econo Lodge, still standing and looking basically the same. It was obvious that the doors were now a different color, but the overall structure was identical to that in the movie.

Getting ready, there was one thing I noticed in the background as I lined up the shot. The original sign had three legs while the new one only had two. Being the purist that I am I was determined to find the proof I was looking for to verify this location's authenticity. After a closer inspection, I had it and the answer was clear. The spot where the third leg used to be, was being used as a planter! I guess it was a creative way to hide the cement foundation where the leg had previously stood.

Here is a closer look of the three-leg foundation. I have found that October is a great time to visit these places because of the Fall colors, cornstalks and pumpkins and the sense that Halloween is just around the corner!

One of the most exciting things visiting where a movie was filmed is to find a shooting location you thought was no longer there and this was no doubt, one outstanding revelation! A very special thank you goes out to Debbie who was able to recognize and direct us to this particular location. Well, like Burt and Vicky, it was time for me to get on the road and continue my COTC site hunting. Just remember when going on your own "Corn-Quest", that this IS a place of business and needs to be treated as such. Next up, we will have the official second part to our "Return To Gatlin" four-part series so until then - Oh, looks like a gas station up ahead. I'd better stop for directions. By the way, don't mind the banging in the trunk. It's just Burt's golf clubs.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Preston Bailey and Paul Butler to attend Little Soldier Premiere and Benefit at the Writer's Guild Theater in Beverly Hills on August 12th

Preston BaileyPaul Butler

On August 12th 2010 independent filmmaker, Dallas King of Onyx Entertainment in association with ARC Talent Management will premiere his film “Little Soldier”. The premiere will take place at the Writer’s Guild Theater in Beverly Hills. The premiere will feature the first showing of the trailer for his upcoming film TATTOO. The premiere will also help raise funds for at-risk youth in association with Big Kids Care and SBC PRIME (

The film “Little Soldier” focuses on Daniel, played by Gabreon Womack, who struggles to get past his problem of wetting the bed, while his father Tony played by Darren Schnase, grows frustrated. Only Daniel's belief in his toys coming alive to fight the monster in the closet responsible for the bed wetting will restore the love between a father and a son. It's Toy Story meets Black Hawk Down in an imaginary world. When director Dallas King as asked what inspired him to write the film, he replied “The true inspiration comes from being a kid that was always afraid of the dark”.

Both Dallas King and Gabreon Womack are industry advocates for the Big Kids Care program. A portion of the food proceeds from the after-party at LIFE on Wilshire be directly be donated to the SBC PRIME program. Donations for SBC PRIME will be accepted at the event and the public service announcement for Big Kids Care featuring Patrick Gallagher of Glee will air at the beginning of the evening.

The event will take place at 7:00pm at the Writer’s Guild Theater in Beverly Hills, CA.

Some of the celebrities expected to attend the event are Brittany Curran (Men of a Certain Age, Legally Blonde), Zoe Meyers (Secret Girlfriend), Danso Gordon (Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, South of Nowhere) , Fivel Stewart (The OC, Leader of the Clique Girls), Cathy Shim (Reno 911, Mad TV). Young actors Preston Bailey (Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer, Dexter) and Paul Butler (Sonny with a Chance, My Sister’s Keeper) of Children of the Corn are expected to attend in support the cause as well. Sponsors for the event include, Pirate Brands, Road Rage Jewelry, Mayson’s Margarita Mixers, Karma Tequila, Soul Cups, GUS, FUZE, and the ART Share Los Angeles.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Big Kids Care Event Move and Public Service Announcement (PSA) Featuring Paul Butler of SyFy Channel's Children of the Corn

Big Kids Care charity red carpet event scheduled for July 21, 2010 has made the move to the brand new XAI Verandah Lounge on Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles based Talent Management Company; ARC Talent Management is hosting this event because they are strong supporters of the SBC P.R.I.M.E. Program for at-risk youth. This event will cater to entertainment industry professionals and was previously set to take place at another well-known Hollywood Venue. When co-owner Christina Williams was asked why she decided to make the change she said, “It was a no-brainer. Owner Nadia Fakih was so kind and supportive and so willing to help for the cause. The venue was absolutely breathtaking and the staff and food was amazing. It was obviously the right move to make for all parties involved.”

The XAI Verandah Lounge is located at 7677 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90046. As stated on their website, the lounge blends the flavors of the Mediterranean with a contemporary California feel. The goal of XAI is to push tea back into the spotlight. It has an outdoor terrace and an indoor dining room and a large sanctuary seating up to 400 people. It overlooks Sunset Blvd.

The Big Kids Care event is a 21 and over charity event benefiting the SBC P.R.I.M.E. (501c3) organization on July 21st, 2010. The event will go from 7pm-12am. Some of the scheduled performers include Madison Hill (Actress/Singer), Brittany Flickinger (Rock/R&B Singer), Amy Scruggs (Country Artist), Invinceable (Hip Hop Artist), Lil King, TJ and the Lil Mamas (America’s Got Talent) and many others. Some of the other attendees will include Patrick Gallager (Glee, True Blood) and Rowdy Roddy Piper. Youth advocates for the event and charity include young actors Paul Butler (Sonny with a Chance, Children of the Corn) and Gabreon Womack (Lakeview Terrace, Playhouse Disney). The event will be hosted by Director/Producer Dallas King of Onyx Entertainment and actress Helenna Santos who commented on the event, “I’m 100% on board!”

The Public Service announcement for the event (available for viewing above) educating the public on the problems at-risk youth face in society today shot in Burbank, California on May 23, 2010. ARC Talent Management, SBC P.R.I.M.E., Onyx Entertainment, and industry advocates of all ages gave their time to shoot this very important message about at-risk youth. It was made available online June 21st, 2010.

Sponsors for the event include Onyx Entertainment, 100.3FM The Sound, FUZE, Webnode, DJ Kane, Soul Cups, Carpe Diem, Pop Chips, Crater Lake Vodka, Ford Grip and Lighting, Buttercake Bakery, Make-Up Nation, Tequila 55, Multi-Designs LLC, The Anthony Vargas Organization, Johnny’s Cupcakes, Eyes Lips Face, Granola Garden, Hooters, Betty Belts, Ultra Booth LA, My Lip Stuff, EventBrite, GRCN Community Network, Hot Cakes Bakes,, (LA), and FRH PR (NY) for all their support and help with the Big Kids Care fundraiser event. To be a “Big Kid” that cares and support the event as a sponsor, please contact ARC Talent Management at You can find all additional information including ticket reservations and additional sponsors by visiting the event website at

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Paul Butler of SyFy Channel's Children of the Corn added as Youth Advocate to an All-Star cast & crew to raise money for At-Risk Youth

Paul Butler May 23, 2010, ARC Talent Management is shooting a PSA for the non-profit organization SBC P.R.I.M.E. PSA will air at "Big Kids Care" Fundraiser event on July 21st in LA. Celebrities on board include Patrick Gallagher, Hip-Hop Artist Invinceable, Madisen Hill and Paul Butler, star of the 2009 SyFy Channel movie Children of the Corn as Nahum.

On May 23rd celebrities are coming together to help spread the message that positive programs are needed for our At-Risk youth by shooting a Public Service Announcement, (PSA). Los Angeles based Talent Management Company; ARC Talent Management is producing the PSA because they are firm believers in what SBC P.R.I.M.E. stands for and their mission to help our youth. The PSA will educate the public on the problems At-Risk Youth face in society today and find support for the huge Red Carpet fundraiser event, “Big Kids Care” that will be held on July 21, 2010. Big Kids Care, will be hosted by ARC Talent Management, and will cater to entertainment industry professionals. The Director for the PSA is Dallas King of Onyx Entertainment. When asked why he wanted to participate he replied, “I believe this to be a great, creative, and positive event.”

ARC Talent Management is a talent management company that prides itself on being a positive member of the entertainment industry as well as the community. ARC is very glad to lend a hand on spreading the news about SBC P.R.I.M.E... “I wish there were more programs like SBC P.R.I.M.E. were available for me when I was growing up,” Janet Ellis- Owner of ARC Talent Management.

SBC P.R.I.M.E., San Bernardino County Prevention, Resource, Intervention, Mentoring, Education, is a non-profit organization. The organization was founded by Crystal Butler. SBC P.R.I.M.E. was established in 2006 to provide services to at-risk youth ages 13- 21. Most of the At-Risk youth come from low income, probation, and foster care households. SBC P.R.I.M.E. offers workshops on independent living skills as well as mentoring to keep the youth focused on becoming better members of our society. “It’s so sad to see teens that don’t have a chance in society, why not try to give them some hope,” Crystal Butler- founder of SBC P.R.I.M.E. Program.

The PSA will be shot in Burbank. A few of the celebrities shooting on Sunday are Patrick Gallagher (Glee), Amy Scruggs (Country Artist), Invinceable (Hip Hop Artist), Madisen Hill (Actress/Singer), and Brittany Flickinger (Rock/R&B Singer). Additionally, Comedian/Actor Scott Vinci, Actresses Helenna Santos, Nadjah Dabney, Kristen Ruhlin, Ariel Teal Toombs, and Actors Rene Cadet and James Giordano are spokespersons for Big Kids Care and will be featured in the PSA. Youth advocates for Big Kids Care are; Paul Butler (Children of the Corn, Sonny with a Chance, My Sister's Keeper), Jordan Butler (Playhouse Disney) and Gabreon Womack (Playhouse Disney and Lakeview Terrace) and Nya Womack. Ariel Teal Toombs, daughter of WWE Professional Wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper, said “I am really looking forward to being a part of this.”

ARC would like to thank its sponsors SoyJoy, Carpe Diem, Pop Chips, Hooters Restaurants, Crater Lake Vodka, IZZE Beverage Company, Granola Garden, Daphne’s Greek CafĂ©, Stray Angel Films, Ford Grip and Lighting, Make-Up Nation, Tequila 55, Onyx Entertainment, Multi-Designs LLC, The Anthony Vargas Organization,, (LA), and FRH PR (NY) for all their support in shooting this very important PSA and help with the Big Kids Care fundraiser event. To be a “Big Kid” that cares and support the event as a sponsor, please contact ARC Talent Management at

ARC Talent Management represents actors in the entertainment industry.

Friday, April 30, 2010

We Continue The Americanvirus Picture Series With - Emo


As you can see, Jonas always has something unique and creative to share with us by taking a look at the newest picture in the Americanvirus series - Emo. Outstanding doesn't even come close to the photography of Jonas Seaman and his website called Americanvirus. We always feel honored to include him as part of our website here and you can always see what new things he is finding "Through the Lens" by checking out his Americanvirus website here. And, there's something for everyone on his official Flickr page.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Coming This Fall - A Real "Cornfield Classic" To Be Released For The First Time On DVD

Every once in a while, a piece of news comes along that even though it is not Children of the Corn related, we feel it holds enough content and interest to deserve special mention right here on the site. Case and point - the long-awaited, first-time official dvd release of J.D. Feigelson's 1981 television classic, "Dark Night of the Scarecrow".

Dark Night of the Scarecrow Coming Soon on DVD!
Larry Drake (Dr. Giggles) portrays Bubba, a mentally challenged man who befriends a small girl as a playmate in the town in which they both live. One day, the townsfolk find the girl attacked and as she is unable to tell them what happened, they assume it was Bubba. Led by postman Otis (Charles Durning), four of the men form a group, hunting Bubba down where they find him hiding as a scarecrow in a nearby cornfield. They open fire, thinking they have achieved revenge on the little girl's attacker. By placing a pitchfork in Bubba's hands, they try and claim self-defense for what they feel was a justified act against him. Later, the girl awakens and reveals that the real attacker was a dog and that Bubba was protecting her. As the men are exonerated for the crime due to the lack of witnessess, it seems they have gotten away with murder. Or have they? One by one, the men are are hunted and killed leading right up to the gripping and shocking conclusion. Who is the killer? A ghost, a witness to the lynching or was it Bubba himself? Check out the VCI Entertainment dvd release this Fall to find out!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"Return to Gatlin" 25 Years Later - A Four-Part Anniversary Series

October, 2009. The year of the 25th silver anniversary. I was on my second trip to the Iowa towns used for filming the original 1984 classic, Children of the Corn when the idea came to me. As I looked at the streets, buildings and unmistakable landmarks, I was thinking, "Twenty-five years ago, these towns were made famous and undoubtedly added to the success of the finished film! What could I do to help make this milestone a special one?" I decided then that since four different towns were used to create a certain Nebraskan community, each one should be featured in a four-part article series, re-visiting the scenes and places that has made this film unforgettable over the years. So, are you ready? Map in the car? Night Shift book on the dashboard? Good. Then, come with us as we make our first stop as we "Return to Gatlin"....

At first glance, Hornick Iowa may not look familiar. But through the years, it has been viewed and accepted by horror fans as a part of the fictional Stephen King town of Gatlin, Nebraska. While this is just one of the selected towns used in the filming, this just happens to be home to two of the most distinguisable locations used in the movie. Now, travel with us just up the road a ways as we visit the childhood house of Sarah and Job.

It has come to be known to horror fans as recognizable as the Tall Man's mausoleum from "Phantasm", Michael Myers home from the original boogeyman classic "John Carpenter's Halloween" and Nancy Thompson's scary abode from "A Nightmare on Elm Street". Although 25 years have passed, there really isn't a whole lot that has changed to the outside structure other than a slightly different color and some changes to the porch area. From my understanding, there was a barn behind the house years ago, but was destroyed not long after the movie was filmed. A cornfield still resides out by the back of the house which one will remember is where Burt is drawn to when looking for Vicky and he hears the church bell ring.

Around the side of the house is where the fake cellar doors were placed to give the illusion of a complete basement. In actuality, a garage at another location was used for that interior scene made up with fake walls to resemble the underground labrynth we see in the finished film. The actual house itself had no outside cellar entry that were essential to the scene, so the doors and frame were constructed in which, the actors crouched inside and came out on cue. Although no one lived in the house in Hornick during the time of filming, it has since been occupied and was even used as a bed & breakfast called the Iva Belle Bed and Breakfast (imagine being able to stay all night there!). Now a private residence (remember location seekers, it IS somebody's home), the people that own it were very friendly and told me that they get about 5 to 10 visitors a year stopping by and asking if it is "THE" house. But "THE" house was actually, "TWO" houses! As the house in Hornick had what they were looking for structure-wise, all of the interior scenes were filmed at another location in another town which we will touch on later in the series. As we say goodbye to Sarah and Job, our next stop is the site of the Gatlin school.

As Burt walked around the town of Gatlin looking for life, one of the places he stopped at was the Gatlin school to have a peek inside. Not too far from Job and Sarah's house is a park that was built on the site of where the Hornick Elementary Schoolhouse once stood. The school was closed in 1988 and then torn down in 1994 after which, a new park was formed. From what I was told, this was the spot where they filmed that scene. Unfortunately without it still standing, I of course cannot be 100 percent sure on this. If I am wrong and this is not the correct area, then I am not aware at the present time of the actual location.

Now, right up the road is another location made famous on the screen. Come with us now as we visit the site of Hansen's Cafe, where the "Adult Nightmare" began.

Located right down the street from the park and Job and Sarah's house, this is where Malachai and his fellow followers turned on the adults and seized control of the town. When I first visited Hornick in 2007, the cafe was then known as the MainStreet Grill.

Walking in, I was very surprised to find the place virtually the same as it was when filming took place back in 1983. The booths to the side had been replaced by tables and the wallpaper had been changed over the years, but the overall feel and look of the cafe was right out of the movie! The counter, front booth and barstools (possibly re-covered) seemed to all be the same with little to no change at all.

The back portion of the cafe, which I was told had in years past had been the bowling alley area, had been opened for more dining space and alas, the famous pinball machine had disappeared with the passage of time. Having the Sunday buffet (I almost ordered a strawberry shake, for film continuity purposes only of course), my eyes were very busy going from my food (which was excellent) to looking about the place.

It was a very surreal experience sitting where this movie was made and I felt for myself, that some inner puzzle had been completed. All of the people that I talked to while I was there were extremely friendly, workers and customers alike, and when I asked about the filming of Children of the Corn, it seemed they had embraced and accepted that time in the towns history and they also had lots of stories to tell! One can only imagine what it would've been like for this Iowa community to have Hollywood arriving on your doorstep wanting to use your town for a major motion picture! As you can see by the picture below, the cafe has two front main windows but it is the one all the way to the left that has produced one of the creepiest scenes in horror history. As I sat eating my Sunday lunch, I found myself glancing at it every once in a while, almost expecting to see the blackened hat visage of Isaac to be peering in.

Now you may be asking why am I talking and showing pictures of my first trip way back in 2007 when I just recently visited in 2009. Sadly, on Christmas Eve 2008 - just three short months from the films original theatrical premiere back in 1984, a cooking fire spread throughout the cafe which in the end, made it a total loss. It's an unfitting ending to not only a big screen horror icon, but a wonderful restaurant and building with a lot of history as well.

The following pictures are of the empty lot that now occupies the space in which the story, or "Nightmare", of Gatlin began. As you can see, not even the foundation remains as it was cleared away completely. It was sad to think that future "Outlanders" would not be able to see the place that started it all and would forever make the names of Isaac and Malachai feared within the world of horror. Although it was very disheartening to view the location, I will always be very

grateful that I had the chance to visit and eat there at least one time before the tragedy. Running on a schedule, it was finally time to leave Hornick and make my way to the next town and shooting locations. Although I still didn't find the exact spot used for the cornfield scenes, I left with a sense of fullfillment (I'm sure Sarah's drawings will predict my return in the near future). I think 'He Who Walks Behind The Rows' would've been well pleased!

As we stop to stretch our legs for a bit, be sure to continue with us soon on our trip through the cornfields with part 2 of our 25th anniversary journey, "Return to Gatlin" - 25 Years Later. And be looking for our "Return to Gatlin" 25 Years Later video series coming soon from! Until then Outlanders, remember -

"It Happened Everywhere In Gatlin That Day..."

Thursday, March 25, 2010

HorrorHound Weekend Begins Tomorrow In Indianapolis!

HorrorHound Weekend Indianapolis
One of the biggest horror conventions of the year starts tomorrow on Friday the 26th and runs through Sunday the 27th in Indianapolis IN. Yes outlanders, we are talking about HorrorHound Weekend! As many know, HorrorHound is the one responsible for bringing not one, but two Children of the Corn alumni to Cincinatti last November as John Franklin (Isaac) and Courtney Gains (Malachai) were on site to take pictures, sign autographs, and just hang out with fans. Well, although there are no Gatlin natives this time around (don't worry corn fans, we'll see them again soon), the guest list has exploded with iconic names like Clive Barker, George Romero, Elvira, Tom Savini, Sid Haig, Richard Lynch, Doug Bradley, Ken Foree and many other awesome names of the horror genre. Some of the events scheduled include - a special first-time ever screening of Nightbreed Uncut, HMA Maskfest, the Official Vampira Horror Host Tribute and a Day of the Dead Q&A panel discussion featuring George Romero! You can click on the picture above or go to for exact event times and for more information on these and other outstanding things happening this weekend at HorrorHound Weekend Indianapolis. And yes, we will be there!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Come See Linda Hamilton This Weekend at The Hollywood Show In Burbank CA

Linda Hamilton
For all you Linda Hamilton fans, don't forget to drop by The Hollywood Show in Burbank CA if you are in the area this weekend. Held at the Burbank Airport Marriott Hotel & Convention Center on 2500 North Hollywood Way, also in attendance will be fellow Terminator cast mates Michael Biehn (T1), Robert Patrick (Appearing Saturday only) and Edward Furlong (T2). With a total of 77 confirmed celebrity names joining this event, this will be one not to miss (you can check out the full list here)! Ticket pricing is as follows - February 13th/Saturday Only 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. $20, 9 a.m. Early Bird $30 February 14th/Sunday Only 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. $20, 9 a.m. Early Bird $30 or you can click here for this and/or hotel contact information. Please note that these prices are only for admission into the event and does not include celebrity autographs, photo ops, merchandise, or like-items. These are all at an additional cost. For complete event information, visit!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cuts From The Corn : The Classic Scenes Series Presents - "That's When Sarah Started Drawing These Pictures..."

Well fans, we searched the corn rows quite a while for this one. So this week, we finally resume our "Cuts From The Corn" series with the unforgettable moment of "That's When Sarah Started Drawing These Pictures...".

That's When Sarah Started Drawing These Pictures...
As Job and his Father make a stop at the local Hansen's Cafe after Sunday church, sister Sarah was at home running a temperature and feeling a little under the weather. As sinister events unfolded throughout the rural community of Gatlin, Sarah was predicting what was happening at the cafe through an insightful drawing that would lay the foundation of Isaac's reign and spell the end for all adults in the town. With her "Gift of Sight", I wonder if she knew Mr. Hansen's hand would be on the menu as the special of the day? Something tells me Mr. Hansen probably didn't......

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Americavirus Picture Series Continues With - Screamer


Well, the 25th anniversary of 1984's Children of the Corn has come and gone but not or Jonas Marlowe Seaman's outstanding pictures we feature every month in The Americanvirus Picture Series! This week, we would like to share with everyone a great photo called - Screamer. As 2010 is now officially in motion, we feel it is going to be nothing but an exciting year for Jonas and all of his AV projects. You know, there's always something new to be found on Jonas' official website at and don't forget, you can find more of his Americanvirus photography on the official Flickr page.

Sunday, January 31, 2010 Ad Featured In HorrorHound Weekend Cincinnati 2009 Convention Program

HorrorHound Weekend Cincinnati Convention Program 2009
In November 2009, HorrorHound Weekend Cincinnati was filled to the brim with big name actors, celebrities and people who came together for their combined love of the horror genre. As it was the first HHW to be held in the great city of Cincinnati, also for the first time an exclusive HorrorHound Convention Program was produced and made available for attendees of the event. Included in this special release was an Elvira timeline, pull-out poster, official guest list, a 25th Anniversary Children of the Corn Retrospective and a great ad for! If you would like to get your hands on one, quantities are limited but you can still order yours by clicking here or by going to the official website. As 2009 was a great year for conventions, 2010 looks to be even bigger with the next HHW to be held this coming March in Indianapolis! Be sure to check out for all the latest updates and added guests. It's going to be a howling good time!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Has Anyone Seen The "Children" From The Nicest Little Town In Nebraska?

A while back, we posted an entry about our search for the Iowa extras that played the dominating youngsters of the town called Gatlin. We have found a handful, but we still need your help! Starting this week, we are going to place two columns to the right of our page. One for the extras we are looking for, and the other for the ones we have found. And by all means, if you see we have missed a name, let us know! We appreciate all of the support and hope in the future to have accomplished our goal of tracking down most of the Iowa natives from the film! As for now, let the search continue. Maybe they're in nearby Hemingford.....

Saturday, January 2, 2010

More HorrorHound Weekend Cincinnati Pics With John Franklin and Courtney Gains

We want to thank everyone who sent in pictures meeting Children of the Corn alumni John Franklin and Courtney Gains at HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati this past November. Here are a few more that were sent that we wanted to share with everyone. A special "Thanks" to Chris and American Arrogance for sending them. By the way, if you have more you would like posted, email us at!

Chris with John Franklin and Courtney Gains at HorrorHound Weekend Cincinnati
Chris with John Franklin and Courtney Gains

American Arrogance and Courtney Gains at HorrorHound Weekend Cincinnati
American Arrogance with Courtney Gains

Children of the Corn - Hellraiser BD Double Feature Available This Month From Anchor Bay Entertainment

Children of the Corn / Hellraiser BD Double Feature
Riding on the blu-ray wave of anticipated releases, Anchor Bay is giving horror fans another treat this month with a double-feature BD release of Children of the Corn AND Hellraiser on January 19th. No specs as of yet, but it is a bet that they will contain all of the extras that each movie's separate blu-ray releases had to offer. To pre-order, you can click on the BD cover pic to take you to the pre-order page or just click here.