Saturday, November 8, 2014

Happy Halloween From The Cornfield!

Happy Halloween Outlanders! I hope everyone had a great time on the one night of the year when we can be anyone, or any "Thing", that we want to be! Sorry for the late posting but things have been very busy in the cornfields this past week. Well, for this season of shocks and scares, did everyone dress up as their favorite horror icon? Who did you pick? Was it Crystal Lake's most popular camper Jason Vorhees, Springwood's nightmarish Elm Street resident Freddy Krueger, or was it a cornfield favorite from the nicest little town in Nebraska? As you know, we would choose the latter as the people of Gatlin hold a special place in our hearts. So when some of the most fantastic Children of the Corn-inspired photos we had ever seen came to us recently, we just had to post them for the corn fans to see!

Featuring the very talented photography work of Meg who goes by the photography name of Harpyimages, the photos feature her daughter Mercy in a very creepy portrayal as Isaac, religious leader of the children of Gatlin. In her authentic-looking outfit and weapon, one can imagine Mercy herself looking in through the cafĂ© window in the
opening scene or emerging from the corn at the end of the film to let Malachai know that "He Wants You Too". It's obvious that not only is Mercy a natural and professional when it comes to posing, but that a lot of thought and planning went into the theme and costume ideas for this series of Children of the Corn photos. We really feel that Meg's outstanding photography style brings out the mood and feelings of the 1984 movie and it seems evident that both her and her daughter are also a part of the film's loyal fan base. With this being the 30 year anniversary, these pictures couldn't have come at a better time to celebrate not only the effect that Fritz Kiersch's superbly directed film has had on the horror community and pop culture, but the huge population of world-wide fans that love the original "That Started It All".
We at would like to end this entry by sending out a huge "Thank You" to Meg and Mercy for giving us their permission to post these awesome photos that we thoroughly enjoyed to see. By the way, if you liked these as much as we did, stay tuned for a very special part 2 of "Happy Halloween From The Cornfield!" coming soon as we will be posting even more of Mercy and Harpyimages' Children of the Corn-inspired photos that we are sure that even He Who Walks Behind The Rows would definitely be proud of!

Remember Outlanders, just because the 2014 Halloween season has now came to a close for the year, doesn't mean our love for our favorite scary movies, their characters and all-night horror movie marathons has to.