Thursday, November 5, 2009

Just a Reminder - Come See John Franklin and Courtney Gains at Horrorhound Weekend

Hey Horror Fans - Just a reminder! On November 20th-22nd at the HorrorHound Weekend Convention in Cincinnati Ohio, two of your favorite Gatlin natives will be on hand signing autographs and taking pictures. That's right! John Franklin (Isaac) AND Courtney Gains (Malachai) will BOTH be in attendance this year for the 25th anniversary of the original 1984 classic, Stephen King's Children of the Corn. This year will be a very big event with other guests attending such as - Elvira, Tom Savini, Scout-Taylor Compton (Rob Zombie's Halloween 1&2), Gunnar Hansen ("Leatherface" The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Tom Atkins (The Fog, Halloween 3, Night of the Creeps), Quinn Lord (Trick 'r Treat's "Sam" in his 1st convention appearance) and many, many others! HorrorHound Weekend will also be hosting the much anticipated premiere of Sean Clark's "The Black Waters of Echo's Pond" (view the official website here) starring an amazing cast including - Danielle Harris, James Duval, Elise & Electra Avellan and Robert Patrick (keep checking for details). Until then, below are a few website banners that you can place on your own websites or blogs advertising the event. Just copy the code and paste! And as you should for all events, don't forget to check with the venue or website for any last-minute schedule changes or guest cancellations before traveling or making traveling arrangements. Also, there is usually a charge for autographs and related items so keep this in mind when waiting in line to see your favorites!

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