Friday, November 20, 2009

HorrorHound Weekend 2009 Cincinnati Is The Place To Be!

HorrorHound Weekend Cincinnati
Hey HorrorHounds! If you are attending HHW Cincinnati convention this weekend, then you are in the right place! With all of shows, booths and attendees appearing, HW has went to the utmost extremes to bring you, the horror fans, what you deserve! The Best!! And of course, two of your favorite Gatlin natives are there for the Children of the Corn 25th Anniversary! He Who Walks Behind The Rows has to be well pleased! If anyone would like to send their convention photos this weekend with Courtney Gains or John Franklin (or any of the guests for that matter) to us, we will post them as quick as we can! Just shoot us an email with the pics to - or use the link on the side of the page! Have a great time at HHW horror fans, and remember - "It's All About The Original..."!

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