Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Tim-O and Harley Show - The New Voice In Horror!

These days, surfing the internet for a good dose of horror can be tricky, especially when looking for the right kind of audio podcast. And while informational horror websites still maintain a constant flow of traffic, the podcasting format has grown into a popular entertainment tool for those on the go as you can just simply download it to your iPod, MP3 player, or other portable device of your choice. For those of you who have been wondering where to look next, we believe your search has ended as this week, we feature one of our personal favorites, The Tim-O and Harley Show!

The Tim-O and Harley Show at!
Hosted by, each show is dedicated to movies, upcoming conventions, their "Ask Falo" segment, song of the week spotlight and special guest interviews. Every week, the guys dish it out as only they can with their reviews on those classic movies that you remember and maybe even some that you forgot. And for all you readers who have made us here at a weekly stop, the name Ben Harley may sound familiar. Owner of the Screen Printing Factory in Toledo OH, Ben has created some of the best horror shirts around including characters from Friday the 13th Part 2, Halloween 4, Jaws, and two of our favorites - COTC's Malachai and Isaac which we have featured right here on our website! What can we say? We're kinda partial to those two Gatlin natives!

So, if you have a question or suggestion for an upcoming show, feel free to email Tim-O and Harley at and don't forget - to make sure you always get your horror fix without missing the latest episode, be sure to subscribe to the Tim-O and Harley Show on iTunes and check them out at! Also, if you live or are going to be in the St. Louis area, be sure to catch Tim-O and his band The Adoring Heirs, performing live at an upcoming show. And last but not least, Tim-O and Harley will be a major presence at HorrorHound Weekend in Indianapolis this March and the St. Louis Contamination convention in June so stop by their booth and tell 'em sent ya!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The King Collection Now Available at!

Ahh Stephen King's Children of the Corn. What a great movie! But before they made it to the big screen, there were the original King novels that inspired the films. Who can forget those outstanding covers to such classics as Skeleton Crew, Pet Sematary, The Dark Half and the one that introduced us to a little town in Nebraska, Night Shift. Well, our friends over at Fright-Rags are giving King fans something to cheer about as today marks the release of the King Collection!

The King CollectionFeaturing the original book artwork by Don Brautigam, all four shirts in the series are sure to bring back memories of the first time we all saw these books on the shelf and became familiar with the name Stephen King. They are sure to go fast so to get your piece of the King Collection, go to or click on the picture above to order yours today!

Monday, January 3, 2011

The "Cut Scene" Petition

The Cut Scene You all know about the Blue Man and where he ended up. But we never got to see what actually happened that put him on the cross and made him an example. It does seem, however, that his demise was a scene originally meant to be shown in the movie! If not fully filmed, the scene set up was at least photographed for advertising and press. Only a couple variations of this still have been released, one on a couple of rare production stills and a shot of another on the back of the original Embassy Home Entertainment laserdisc. Why this scene was cut of the Blue Man's "Execution" is anyone's guess. But it does make one wonder if there were other scenes that didn't make it into the released version of the film. We were thinking, wouldn't it be cool to see this segment unearthed and maybe reintegrated back into the film? It HAS happened before. Because of the fans, all of Richard Donner's footage he had shot for Superman II was painstakingly found and compiled into the dvd, Superman II : The Richard Donner Cut. We want to know what you think. So let our voices be heard Children of the Corn fans! After YEARS of asking from us, Varese Sarabande finally released a cd version, although in very limited quantity, of Jonathan Elias' outstanding score to the original 1984 movie. So let's make it happen and see a possible special edition in the future (maybe for a 30th anniversary 2-disc special edition?) including this and any other scenes that were never included. Outlanders, it IS possible. If you feel as strongly about this as we do, please leave a comment below or email us at - and let's show Mr. Kiersch and Anchor Bay Entertainment that Gatlin is still on horror moviegoers road map of destination. Also, if anyone has a great scan of any of the cut "Blue Man" scene variations (or even ones we may not know about), please email them to us as attachments and we will post them right here on!

Update - We have recently been notified that the "Blue Man" scene was in fact, filmed.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2009 Children of the Corn on the SyFy Channel Sunday, January 2nd

SyFy ChannelAttention Outlanders! If you have not seen the 2009 SyFy Channel version of Stephen King's Children of the Corn as of yet, well now is your chance! The SyFy Channel will be broadcasting it this Sunday, January 2nd at 8 AM central time (check your local listings for exact time in your viewing area) during a Stephen King four-movie marathon that will also feature the made-for-tv movies The Langoliers, The Stand and The Tommyknockers. Directed by Donald Borchers (producer on the original 1984 film), this "re-harvesting" of the Stephen King story features Kandyse McClure and David Anders as troubled couple Vicky and Burt and also stars Preston Baily as young religious leader Isaac and Daniel Newman as his right-hand law enforcer Malachai. Like the original, this version was also filmed in the corn-crop state of Iowa and used many of the locals to play the "Children" of the rural town of Gatlin, Nebraska.