Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Looking Through The Lens : An Exclusive Interview With Jonas Seaman

Recently, we did an interview with Jonas Seaman (Marlowe) about his great performance as Joseph in the 1984 original Stephen King's Children of the Corn. Near the end, we also got a glimpse as to what he is doing now and it is quite impressive! As many of you will remember from that segment, Jonas has moved on to other things since his acting career, one being his incredible view into the world of photography. So we decided to continue our talk with Jonas (which he has been gracious enough to do) and get an insight to what he sees looking through the lens.

You can view our exclusive interview with Jonas by clicking the picture above or by clicking here. A very special "Thank You" goes out to Jonas for taking the time (again) to answer our questions. And if you're looking for more from Jonas, visit his website at!

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Friday, February 20, 2009

On The Set.......

Back in 1983, filming began on Stephen King's Children of the Corn in and around the Iowa towns of Sioux City, Whiting, Hornick and Salix. While on location, Jonas Seaman (Marlowe) was able to capture many behind-the-scenes moments. The following pictures are from his personal collection and he was kind enough to let us post them. Thanks Jonas!

Monday, February 9, 2009

What Happens In The Cornfield........

What Happens In The Cornfield...Recently, I was in a convenience store (I think it was a Casey's General Store) paying for gas and a soda and saw this t-shirt hanging on a side display. I couldn't believe it! Well, there was no way I was leaving without it so, up to the counter I went! It has since been added to my collection of Children of the Corn Memorabilia, although it's not actually a Children of the Corn related item. Ok, maybe it's a little corny (no pun intended) but for a Children of the Corn fan like myself, it was a very worth while purchase.

I think He Who Walks Behind The Rows would approve.......

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Meet Corey Frizzell

In the original Children of the Corn, many actors were brought together to keep us terrified by children in a small Nebraska town and cornfield. One actor's name you may not recognize, but are sure to remember his performance, is Corey Frizzell. Corey played one of the children from Gatlin and was featured in several scenes. One thing you may not know is that Corey also was a stand-in double for the character of Job, played by Robby Kiger. One of the big scenes memorable to Children of the Corn fans that you may not have recognized Corey in was the "Town Hall" scene where Burt (played by Peter Horton) roams the town of Gatlin looking for residents. As he enters the Town Hall, Job follows him into the building. Contrary to what you might of thought, all of the scenes inside the fictional "Town Hall" featuring Job were not Robby Kiger. Due to Robby shooting elsewhere, Corey stood in for him during these scenes.

Check out Corey's Website!
Corey, who lived in the Sioux City, Iowa area during filming, now resides in Tennessee. And even if you haven't heard Corey's name before, there's a good chance you have heard the name Frizzell, especially if you listen to country music as David and Lefty Frizzell are his uncles and his Dad is Country Gospel Artist Allen Frizzell! After spending years in the boxing field, Corey now works full-time as a portrait and graphic artist, having done portraits for some of the biggest names in country music such as George Jones, Randy Travis, Mark Chesnutt, Brad Paisley and Alan Jackson. For more on Corey's art, boxing and graphic design, click on the banner above or click here. You can also check out more information on David at, Lefty at, or Allen at Also, after a three-year hiatus, Corey is back on Myspace! Click here to view his page or click the banner below!

Check out Corey on Myspace!

We are very glad to have been put in touch with Corey and are very pleased to announce he has agreed to do an interview with us! Look for it very soon and for a very special announcement from Corey and! Until then, we would like to extend our warmest welcome to Corey from the cornfields of Gatlin!