Thursday, October 1, 2009

Time For Another Contest From and Anchor Bay Entertainment!

On October 6th, Anchor Bay Entertainment will be releasing the SyFy Channel "re-harvesting" of Stephen King's Children of the Corn on dvd. The movie, which premiered on Saturday, September 26th, will be available in an uncensored, uncut version that you couldn't see on television. And if you missed out on catching the broadcast, here's your chance! Starting today, you can win a copy of the SyFy/Anchor Bay release. All you have to do is send in your name and mailing address to - with the subject line - DVD Contest and you're entered! And guess what? Anchor Bay has graciously given us not one, not five, but TEN copies to giveaway this time around! Next Friday, October 9th, is the deadline for entries so send in those emails! If you have yet to catch a glimpse, here is the official dvd trailer to view. Good Luck Outlanders!