Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Varese Sarabande Children of the Corn Soundtrack Cover Art Revealed

Yesterday, Varese Sarabande revealed their new cover art for the Children of the Corn SYFY television soundtrack and thanks to them, we are excited to be able to give you this first look!

Front Cover Art
Back Cover Art
Scored by original Children of the Corn composer Jonathan Elias and Nathaniel Morgan, the soundtrack to the SYFY television remake is now available for pre-order at VareseSarabande.com with a expected release date of October 6th.

"Children of the Corn", directed by 1984's original COTC producer Donald P. Borchers, is set to premiere on the SYFY Channel Saturday, September 26th (check your local listings for your broadcast area) and to be released on dvd Tuesday, October 6th. We have been receiving mixed feelings from fans on the idea of a "Corn" re-harvesting and we would like to hear more! As you all know, we are dedicated (and have been from the start) in bringing you everything about the 1984 original. But we feel since this is more of a re-telling or "re-harvesting" of the original short story by Stephen King than a, and here's that nasty word again - remake, that we should address it and cover it's release for the fans.

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Evan Brehany said...

This is awesome. Two people from the original doing something for the remake. So many people complain about remakes, but if you look at the crew, this may seem good - especialy since I read somewhere that some of the screenplay was written by S. King himself.

In regards to the soundtrack, it is nice that Mr. Elias is doing a "re-imagining" of the original's soundtrack, but I hope it retains it creepyness, no rap/rock influences, just classical/Omen likes stuff. I guess that we will just have to wait and see till this Sunday, won't we?