Monday, September 14, 2009

Cuts From The Corn : The Classic Scenes presents - "There's Something Very Wrong....."

We know it's been a few months since our last "Cuts From The Corn" entry so with a little harvesting, we decided to hit the road and travel with Burt and Vicky when they realized "There's Something Very Wrong....".

There's Something Very Wrong...
After a bit of car trouble caused an unexpected halt to their trip, Burt (Peter Horton) realized that their "accident" wasn't what it appeared to be. So as Vicky (Linda Hamilton) approached and saw Joseph (Jonas Marlowe) lying on the Nebraska road, Burt tried to console her and explain that things were leaning a little more towards the homicide-point of things (and the edge of a sharp knife). Maybe Joseph would have faired a little better health if he had just stayed in Gatlin!

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