Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Update - Varese Sarabande's 25th Anniversary CD Edition of Children of the Corn is a Quick Sellout

Well, it seems that the 25th Anniversary Edition of the original Children of the Corn soundtrack was a very fast sellout, but not the fastest in Varese history. We just received news from Varese that Children of the Corn (1984) sold out within 16 hours, similar to Jonathan Elias' score for Vamp and Jay Chattaway's Silver Bullet. They think the cd that holds the fastest title is probably Georges Delerue's True Confessions. We have been recently notified that Ebay does have a few copies listed so if you were not able to order a copy in time, be sure to check them out!

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Evan Brehany said...

Sadly, only one person has one left...


I would love to see the liner notes on this baby. The only real complaint I could have is that it does not have all of the awesome pics like the LP did - including a pic of one of the deleted scenes. But nice to see this CD has more tracks than the LP.