Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trip to Gatlin, Vacation, and the Pothole That Ended It All!

Well, I was hoping that my next installment would be all about my trip back to the towns of Whiting, Hornick and Salix IA and with plenty of pictures. But it's not. I had everything ready to go...vacation from work, car tuned up, motel room in Sioux City booked, babysitting set up for my youngest, it was all set. Then came the pothole........

I was driving into a parking lot on my way to get four new tires on my car for the trip - the last thing I needed before I took off for Gatlin! Right in front of me was a stretch of water that covered a section of the parking lot. Not thinking anything was wrong, I drove through it. Because of the water, I couldn't see the 8 to 10 inch pothole in the middle of it. My car slammed into it and ended my trip - to get the tires and the trip to Iowa. It was undrivable and had to be towed from the scene. The damage was not that extensive but, just enough to take all of the money for the trip to fix it and for the tow. Other than for Friday being Halloween, my vacation has not been a good one. Things happen for a reason I guess..... The picture above is from my trip last year to the house in Hornick. I will be posting the rest from that trip very soon.

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