Saturday, October 25, 2008

Greetings from the Cornfield!

Hello Children of the Corn fans! Back in 1984, a film was released that was based on a Stephen King short story about children, a small town in Nebraska and, well, corn! Produced on a small budget for the time, Stephen King's Children of the Corn was released to moviegoers everywhere and the cornfield hasn't been the same since. To date, there have been a total of 7 Children of the Corn movies produced and released, with only the first two released theatrically. Most recently, a Sci-Fi Channel remake of the first was shot in and around the quad-cities area in Iowa and the Iowa town of Lost Nation. The remake is said to resemble more of the elements in the original short story by Stephen King. This website, however, is to focus on the original and 1984 classic movie. Why do a website focusing on one movie and not it's sequels? I could go back and explain how seeing this film as an early teenager gave me chills as I lived next to a cornfield. But it was the trip I took last fall to the towns of Hornick, Whiting and Salix Iowa that inspired me to start up a place where the fans could look up information on the shooting locations, actors, and just everything related to the original film. So I started a Children of the Corn MySpace page dedicated to the original which I have had a lot of fun developing and the response has been outstanding! So I decided a while back to add a website that would work as a companion piece with the MySpace page for anyone searching for information. As the website grows with information, the MySpace page will continue to do so as well. Thanks for looking!

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