Monday, January 3, 2011

The "Cut Scene" Petition

The Cut Scene You all know about the Blue Man and where he ended up. But we never got to see what actually happened that put him on the cross and made him an example. It does seem, however, that his demise was a scene originally meant to be shown in the movie! If not fully filmed, the scene set up was at least photographed for advertising and press. Only a couple variations of this still have been released, one on a couple of rare production stills and a shot of another on the back of the original Embassy Home Entertainment laserdisc. Why this scene was cut of the Blue Man's "Execution" is anyone's guess. But it does make one wonder if there were other scenes that didn't make it into the released version of the film. We were thinking, wouldn't it be cool to see this segment unearthed and maybe reintegrated back into the film? It HAS happened before. Because of the fans, all of Richard Donner's footage he had shot for Superman II was painstakingly found and compiled into the dvd, Superman II : The Richard Donner Cut. We want to know what you think. So let our voices be heard Children of the Corn fans! After YEARS of asking from us, Varese Sarabande finally released a cd version, although in very limited quantity, of Jonathan Elias' outstanding score to the original 1984 movie. So let's make it happen and see a possible special edition in the future (maybe for a 30th anniversary 2-disc special edition?) including this and any other scenes that were never included. Outlanders, it IS possible. If you feel as strongly about this as we do, please leave a comment below or email us at - and let's show Mr. Kiersch and Anchor Bay Entertainment that Gatlin is still on horror moviegoers road map of destination. Also, if anyone has a great scan of any of the cut "Blue Man" scene variations (or even ones we may not know about), please email them to us as attachments and we will post them right here on!

Update - We have recently been notified that the "Blue Man" scene was in fact, filmed.


Evan Brehany said...

I, for one, would like to see the deleted scenes. After reading the screenplay by Goldsmith, there was a bunch of stuff which was great which I bet was filmed.

In the screenplay, I bet the scene would have gone when Burt was checking out the police station where he sees a message, "No False Gods". There are accouple of scenes like this in the screenplay, including the children burning books and such.

We also know that there is one other comfirmed deleted scene - in the trailer, there is a shot of the corn crosses set against the sun.

I would like to see all of these are more deleted scenes. There are accouple of other rumored scenes, such as described here (thanks to IMDb and my memory looking at now gone COTC fan sites):

-Isaac having a dream which was cut because it revealed too much of the ending. Some say the scene is actualy of Isaac praying to HHWBTR
-a farmer who is hacked to death outside his barn by a group of pick-axe wielding kids.
-A scene between Sarah and Job's parents before the slaughter. They talk over the breakfast table about Sarah's drawings of the upcoming massacre and how they think something awful is about to happen.

^May I mention that most of those are not in the screenplay. As for images reguarding the blue man killing, I've seen and got a couple.!B7w(1jg!2k~$(KGrHqR,!hwEzLZ7Wwm(BM1IIWrk8w~~_12.JPG - totaly different angle and is going for the blow.

There is also a black and white image somewhere where it shows the blade going in.

One web site I went to once (I forgot for now, gonna search) said that some of the deleted scenes may be in the UK TV print of the film. Guess someone is going to have to take a little trip.

That's all I know right now.

Evan Brehany said...
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Anonymous said...

Please release this.