Saturday, January 1, 2011

2009 Children of the Corn on the SyFy Channel Sunday, January 2nd

SyFy ChannelAttention Outlanders! If you have not seen the 2009 SyFy Channel version of Stephen King's Children of the Corn as of yet, well now is your chance! The SyFy Channel will be broadcasting it this Sunday, January 2nd at 8 AM central time (check your local listings for exact time in your viewing area) during a Stephen King four-movie marathon that will also feature the made-for-tv movies The Langoliers, The Stand and The Tommyknockers. Directed by Donald Borchers (producer on the original 1984 film), this "re-harvesting" of the Stephen King story features Kandyse McClure and David Anders as troubled couple Vicky and Burt and also stars Preston Baily as young religious leader Isaac and Daniel Newman as his right-hand law enforcer Malachai. Like the original, this version was also filmed in the corn-crop state of Iowa and used many of the locals to play the "Children" of the rural town of Gatlin, Nebraska.

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