Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cuts From The Corn : The Classic Scenes

What is your favorite scene from Children of the Corn? We were asking ourselves that very same question and thought, why not do a weekly series? There are so many iconic images and scenes from the original that I, like many other fans I'm sure, could not choose just one. And you may notice that the scene entries will not be in the order they appear in the movie. Instead, we have decided to choose at random so that each week, it will be new, exciting and unexpected. Then as each new entry is posted, the following week's picture will move over to the right of the page with a clickable link to view it with the original post. So with that being said we present - Cuts From The Corn : The Classic Scenes. We start the series with one of our favorites. We call it - Burt Escapes.

Burt Escapes
After being witness to the ritualistic passage of Amos at the church (and Rachel trying to get the point across, Literaly!), Burt takes off only to be chased by the children of Gatlin. Before he is cornered at the flagpole, Burt watches the arrival of Malachai and his gang while in hiding. Although he is successful in avoiding capture, he does suffer a nasty bang to the face from a wooden beam as he seeks cover from Malachai in an old building.