Saturday, March 7, 2009

25 Years Later.....

"It was about three years ago. I was the only kid in church that day. The others were with Isaac out in the cornfield......"

It's been 25 years since Robby Kiger began his narration to one of the most memorable movies in horror cinema. To commemorate the anniversary of the original theatrical release date (March 9th, 1984), I thought it would be fun to get a retrospective view from some of the actors that contributed to the film and get their thoughts on 25 years later....

Courtney Gains

Then    Now

"25 years - Where did the time go? Good to know we're still going strong after all these years!!!! Thanks to all the fans that have made Malachai an icon!!!! Be good...or else!!! He Who Walks Behind the Rows will decide your fate!!!!"

Thanks, Courtney Gains

Jonas (Marlowe) Seaman

Then  Now

"Wow... 25 years! When I was 13, I spent a week in Iowa filming for my role as Joseph in Children Of The Corn. It was my first movie, and I remember being so excited. It was so fun! I had no idea that over time the movie would develop such a huge fan base. Even though since then I've gone on to do many things, people sometimes still remember me as that kid from Children Of The Corn. I'm happy to have been a part of it. The movie well deserves it's cult status. Thanks to all the fans... and Happy Anniversary COTC!"

Corey Frizzell


Corey Frizzell's Message To Children Of The Corn Movie Fans